Ten Cities with the Highest Rents

April 10, 2016

10 cities blogContributor : James Link

It’s certain that most people have heard that living in New York or San Francisco is very expensive. And rents definitely surpass the national average in both places. With average rents increasing nationally, there are still two cities battling it out for which rent is the priciest. Surprisingly though, there are eight other cities that do not lag far behind in terms of their pricey livability.

Interestingly, there are 10 cities where Millennials, especially, are willing to pay high rent just to live there. These desirable attributes include great universities, favorable jobs, overall appeal, and an exciting lifestyle. The economy is good enough in these areas and the areas around them to support people in paying the higher price for rent.

Let’s take a look at the ten cities with the highest rents.

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Budget Friendly Curb Design

March 25, 2016

staging your house to sell on a budget

By James Link:

Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell. Whether a house sells or not is especially contingent upon the location of the home and the region of the country where the house is being sold. In a real estate market with high levels of variability in terms of sales and price, improved curb appeal and cosmetic touches could make the difference in whether or not a house sells or stays on the market for a long period of time.  Houses with strong curb appeal do tend to sell a lot faster than those with cosmetic blemishes, and therefore knowing how to stage a home to sell can be critical. Here’s a list of 10 curb appeal items that could make the difference in whether a house sells or stays on the market for too long.

  1. Freshen the paint job

The paint color of your house can have a big influence on if your house sells fast or if it just sits on the market. Before you paint your house, take a drive around your neighborhood and note the color of some of your neighbor’s homes and see what is used the most. Consider whether you live in a PUD or if there are other rules that pertain to the color of your home. Colors that are true bright or out of context, should be avoided. In most neighborhoods in Southern California, homes are primarily beige or tan in color. Stay away from any colors that are not what are normally seen. Finally, consideration should be given to the quality of the paint job. Slapping a bunch of paint on haphazardly should be avoided at all costs.

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20 Habits of Success for the Entrepreneur

March 22, 2016


By James Link:

As we all know, an entrepreneur is a person that organizes and operates a business or enterprise and often takes on their own financial risks. Successful entrepreneurs must continually hold 20 essential concepts in order to be successful in business. These 5 essential concepts include: Finance, Vision, Professional Expertise, and Personal Responsibility, to develop Habits of Success.


Let’s look at the Habits of Success for the happening entrepreneur in each of these areas.

The most important habit involved in entrepreneurialism is finance. Without financial backing, knowledge, tools, or understanding concerning money; most entrepreneurs won’t be able to even start their business venture. Start-ups cost a lot of money, especially when the individual is marketing a new invention. There are design costs, manufacturing fees, production assets, and delivery entitlements that all must be considered.

Here are some financial considerations that the successful entrepreneur implements to grow their business;

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The Future of Technology in the Real Estate Industry

March 10, 2016

selling your house online with Setschedule

The real estate industry in the United States is currently the most lucrative and profitable sector, worth an estimated $40 trillion as of 2015. Residential real estate brings in $23 trillion a year and commercial real estate rakes in $15 trillion a year. To put it plainly, the American real estate industry is larger than any other industry in terms of fixed income, health care, and equity. It’s a formidable sector with serious influences on job growth, the economy, and the nation’s infrastructure.

That said, one would think an industry so profitable would be leading the charge with technology incorporation and development. Not necessarily. The powers that be in the enormous sector have been slow to adapt to the changing trends and want to keep the industry’s focus on one-to-one clientele relationships, since that is what secures a purchase at the end of the day. There is great potential for technological inclusion in the real estate industry.

Realtors saw a steadied, predictable real estate market return to the U.S. for the first time in 2015. Unemployment is decreasing, the economy is expanding, and disposable income is increasing. Basically, people are starting to buy property again. With this encouraging change, members of the real estate industry are turning their attentions to the tools and opportunities that come with increased technology.

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