20 Room Makeovers Ideas for Under $1,000

June 21, 2016


When you first close on your first home, your likely first automatic reaction will be to start renovating some aspects of the home to what you like. There are always ways to make improvements and update old to new. However, always remember that while you may want to renovate, there is always a possibility that you may not have the budget to renovate in every way that you want. One recommendation is to get some wiggle room in the sales price to be able to afford some of the renovations that will uniquely update your new home in ways you love. Think ahead. Negotiate. Stay committed to your personal brand of excellence, because this will help you when you decide to sell. Here are 20 Room Makeover Ideas for Under $1000 to upgrade your new home in no time.

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Pictures to Please the Most Discerning Buyer

June 13, 2016

how the right photos can help sell your house fast

Pictures tell a story. Realtors want to make sure that the best story is communicated in such a way to attract even the most hard-won buyer. Images can also tell the wrong story. Without deliberation, practice, consideration, and the right angle or light; an image that was designed to sell can go horribly wrong. The wrong image can do way more harm than good.

This blog provides tips, tricks, photos, and fun to display the best image to tell the right story.

Capture Wisely!

Are your listing photos making the right first impression? In real estate, all pictures tell a story. If your pictures are not telling the best story, most buyers will not only ignore the photo; they won’t buy either!

Let’s take a look at some listing photos and identify tips so that you can capture the right image to tell the right story to sell…sell…sell!

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Top 10 Cities for Millennial Home Buyers

June 7, 2016

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Millennials are starting to move out of their parent’s homes. For this generation of 20-and-30-somethings, a generation that will help grow the economy in the next 15 to 20 years as they invest. As potential home-buyers, Millennials do not have the means to pay some of the larger prices it takes to get them into certain areas, such as San Francisco and New York City. This is why San Francisco and New York City did not make it on to the list of the Top 10 Cities for Millennial Home Buyers, because while these are great areas, and Millennials do rent there, the home prices in these areas are simply too expensive for the entry level home buyer to consider.


Millennials Are Buying Homes

As potential homebuyers; Millennials will be a big contributing factor in helping maintain a fit economy, especially in areas close to the urban sprawl of everyday life. These areas are likely in newer or much older renovated homes in neighborhoods with smaller homes and a more suburban feel. The demand for housing is ever increasing, and for Millennials looking for unique housing in more established neighborhoods, cities such as Charleston and in Washington D.C. outskirts, may be the right fit.


Cities Where Millennials Are Buying

As a home-buying collective, Millennials will make up 2 million buyers this year alone. This number will continue to grow, because of the number of people that will want to buy homes in the coming years. Consequently, Millennials are moving to larger cities because of the jobs there, the propensity for a larger income, and the fact that these jobs will be able to help with their cost of living. Those who live in larger cities should expect increasing rent prices and this sizeable chunk will eat into the potential down payment that Millennials might make on a potential property. For New York City residents, if Millennials are okay with living in Brooklyn or Queens and have a job in a larger city then it will make homeownership a more likely goal to accomplish.


Millennials will continue doing whatever they have to do to be able to buy a home just like that last generation before them did, because homeownership is important to everyone. If you happen to live in a place that is larger it may be best to save as much money as possible to buy in the end.


Here are the top 10 cities where Millennials are buying homes:


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Growth of Market Represents Real Headwinds for the Markets Core

June 2, 2016

Home for sale picThere are 5.9% fewer homes for sale in the United States than at this time last year.  The number of entry-level homes that are for sale is 10.4% less than last year. As a result, the low supply is driving up the price of entry-level homes typically sought by buyers.

The value of entry-level homes has appreciated; this is beneficial only if you are the owners who occupy these homes. Many first time home buyers are no longer able to afford the entry-level homes. All across the nation the median values of homes have increased 4.8% year after year since March and 1.1% over the course of the beginning quarter. The appreciation of homes has mainly been observed in the beginning level homes and the mid-level homes.

Moreover, this growth has mostly been seen among the larger housing markets where the economy and job wages have improved, which has attracted more folks to those areas. Millennials, still conservative about buy, have a good outlook on how everything will pan out. However, the lack of homes in entry and a mid-level markets are a big concern, because there has been a real lack of homes in these specific groups.

Brutal at the bottom.

The market has seen a 5.9% decrease in homes across the nation at the end of the beginning quarter than last year. Homes at the bottom and middle part of the markets fell 10.4%, compared to the 1.9% in the top third of the markets. Unfortunately for those home buyers in the situation of having a tight budget to work with has now led to a situation where many markets are too expensive to purchase. In fact, most of the markets now are saturated with higher end homes, that are well out of reach for the first time home buyer.

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