How to Provide Value to a Prospect and Secure an Interview

December 18, 2019

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Contributed by: Kam Vince

Many prospects you will be calling for the first time you’ll have received because they made some sort of actionable request online. Whether that is clicking on a home to get more info about it, inputting their address to get a professional price analysis, or selecting a handful of homes in an area they like.  Most of the leads are either looking for specific information to make an educated decision in the near future, gathering general information for a planned future move, or simply looking online out of pure curiosity. Regardless of the motivation, providing value to the prospect is one of the best ways to get them to eventually give you the one thing you’re looking for…an interview.  

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Client appreciation – Ideas for showing your clients how much you appreciate them during the holidays

December 13, 2019

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For real estate professionals, the holiday season is often slower than the rest of the year because many people opt to wait to buy or sell till after the holidays. While many Realtors respond to this by pulling back on marketing efforts, successful agents understand that the holidays present a great opportunity for marketing in a more personal manner. Specifically, real estate agents should use the holidays as a time to express gratitude to their current book of business and sphere of influence. A small token of appreciation will go a long way towards encouraging future referrals. Here are some ideas for giving thanks during the holidays.

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Internet Lead Conversion: 3 Tips for Closing Transactions

November 23, 2019

Many realtors hate internet leads and will be quick to say they are worthless. Internet leads can be challenging, but there is no denying that the vast majority of home buyers and sellers will start their real estate journey with an internet search. As this becomes the new normal for real estate, more and more agents are jumping on the bandwagon to work internet leads. Like anything else, there are tricks for getting the most from your legwork. Here are some tips for finding your next transaction from an internet lead generation service.

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