Getting established as an entrepreneur can be grueling - once you begin generating business through your marketing and referrals, there’s an issue you need to realistically prepare for before it’s too late: getting too busy. Being too busy is a good problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless. You’ll either end up stretching yourself too thin by having to devote more time to your business and cutting down on your personal time, or your quality of service will diminish if you’re not able to allot more time to your business. A responsible way to handle this issue can be to begin referring business to other professionals in your industry, but this often is not as fruitful as servicing the client yourself. After all, you’ll miss out on the potential for referred business! Here are four tips you can use to tackle your business’s growing pains and begin to scale: 

Review your Tasks for Delegation 

Scaling your business should be a steady, methodical process or you may find yourself taking steps backwards by making emotional or short-sighted decisions. Before you encounter that hiccup, you should work on listing all the vital tasks that take place for your operations to continue as normal, as well as the tasks that you have not been able to start. Once your list takes shape, note down the tasks that can feasibly be passed on to someone else. Any vital or complex tasks that have room for interpretation or judgement calls are tasks that you should probably not hand off until you establish your teams. 

Online Assistance

A simple way to extend your bandwidth is to start getting short term help through online services, such as gig websites and virtual asssistants. Gig websites allow you to find professionals who can assist with tasks related to marketing like creative writing, video editing, administrative and clerical tasks. There are also certain sites that you can use to get longer term assistance by connecting you to a virtual assistant. Getting assistance online can take a lot of weight off your shoulders when you work with the right people: be prepared to shop around and try multiple different gig professionals or virtual assistants until you are able to identify those who perform at the level you are satisfied with. This process may not be the quickest, but it is something you can usually begin doing with a lower budget, and it can be easier to begin getting help this way instead of deciding to hire employees.

Implement Accountability Processes 

This is a step you will want to take when you are feeling too busy on a consistent basis - an accountability process is anything that can signal to you when something is not being done within a reasonable time. You may want to implement this as a audit process, creating automations based on communications you receive, setting reminders in your business calendar, or having an accountability coach. However you decide to do it, make sure you’re aware of areas where you are falling behind - this will allow you to better prioritize tasks to delegate. 

Having growing pains in your business doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If anything, it presents you with a choice - either you can decide to scale down, or you can scale up to address the issues you are encountering and benefit your business in the long term. 


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