Finding the right Marketing strategy is often elusive and comparable to focusing on an arithmetic problem while barreling down a 50-foot drop in a roller coaster. What does it really take to create a successful business strategy? Most of the time you have to do something differently to grow and change, what got you where you are today, will likely not continue to help you grow infinitely. This is why strategy plays a huge role in business growth, but no matter what marketing strategy you use, you need to understand the sales funnel and effective methods of conversions. If you do not understand your business, you cannot optimize it. Below are a few marking rules of thumb to get you off on the right foot!


Let customers shop how they want

Tech makes everything easier! Many companies choose digital platforms as a method of marketing that meets the easy access desires of the client. Making your product easy for your customers to access will allow for greater sales. Studies have even shown that the majority of shoppers prefer to do their research on their own terms rather than speak with a person. So make it as easy for your customers to access your product. 


Think out of the box

Do things a little differently. Try avenues that are less than traditional. Thinking Outside the box will often lead you to a less-traveled path. Not only will you stand out, you will encounter less competition along the way. When McDonald’s ran the monopoly game between sales went up 40%! 


Measure Your Impact

Good data gives you the ability to measure your success, literally. The acquisition of new customers and revenue growth are sure signs of success. Make sure you can identify how your marketing efforts translate to sales conversions. Digital platforms are a great format for tracking this success, whether it's through engagement, or traffic, specifically defining those contributing factors will help you to track the overall success of a strategy.   


Don’t go BIG

You won’t be able to reach everyone in the world with your marketing, but that shouldn't matter. Marketing is best when done in a concentrated manner. The more focused your marketing, the larger your conversation rate should be. As you start to see the effects of targeted marketing, you can continue to grow and expand your marketing audience.  


Find the right Digital Partner

Find the right digital partner dedicated to your success. There are many vendors that offer advertising services, make sure your company of choice is a like-minded business with common target markets and partners. Since people like to do business with people they know, build credibility and strengthen your brand with a business partner that has trusted engagement with their clients. 


Stay the course 

Keep it consistent. I know it may be hard, but building a strong marketing plan takes time. 

Depending on your marketing avenue you may not see immediate results. Some forms of advertising are best through repetition. In time you will reap the benefits, but the buildup of repetition helps to be at the forefront of a client's mind. Keep it consistent. I know it may be hard, but building strong marketing strategies takes time.


Marketing is more than just throwing your name, brand or company out there to see if something sticks. You need to think strategically about everything you do. It's about understanding your market and target demographic, finding an authentic message, creating an easy path for customers to find and access you, and tracking those results. Whether you're just starting out with or you've been doing this for a while, it never hurts to revisit your marketing plan to make sure that it continues to meet your goals. 


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