A digital presence builds relationships for businesses. A brand acquires an identity and a voice when it utilizes social media and online platforms. The brand’s identity helps customers relate to the business and provides a built-in source of credibility. Having a solid digital presence means communicating directly with potential customers and creating a narrative with complete control. It can be a mystery how to engage the right way to connect organically. There are some easy tricks that can improve efficiency. 


Publish on your Google Business Profile

Whether you are hoping for foot traffic or phone calls, nine times out of 10 consumers research through Google. A Google Business Profile ensures that people can find a business when looking for products or services. Interacting with a Google Business Profile like posting, adding pictures, and adding the business to the map improves the profile’s score. These actions can help the profile make its way to the top of the list. 71%  of clicks occur on the top 5 results, so it’s critical to make it to the top


Make Yourself an Expert

Prior consumer opinions have a significant impact on a consumer's decision-making process because it eases the fear of making a wrong decision or fear of making a mistake. To build trust in a brand is to build expertise. Content creation can be geared toward information sharing. This builds credibility and allows others an opportunity to share your content and bring in new users that might not have found the brand beforehand. Sharing an insight into the home buying process on social media or writing a blog post is helpful for first-time home buyers. This is an industry that can seem mysterious and overwhelming. That post or link could be shared far beyond just your followers, and there's more incentive to do that, than just brand-centered contact. 


Utilize Paid Ads

When a business posts on social media, it is only shared with its followers and the immediate sphere. For the post to expand beyond that, someone in the sphere can share, or the business can expand its reach using paid ads. Paid ads are a great way to extend their reach with minimal strategic investment. The average business using paid social media ads sees a 95% return on investment. By leveraging an existing user base, trends are picked up using viewership to design an expansion plan. To maximize the return, businesses need to make sure to have a healthy standing on social platforms which includes engaging with other profiles and consistently posting content representative of the brand. 


Have a Cohesive Brand Identity 

Your digital presence should have the same message and identity as a physical storefront. Each profile and page should be cohesive and tied to each other. That means including social links and the website link on social sites. Give a consumer every opportunity to find the business and buy into the brand.



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