As 2021 draws to a close, you may find that now is the right time to review what tweaks, if any, you may want to make leading into next year. Depending on your industry, it may be necessary to adjust your operations, especially now that things are settling into what we will now call “normal”. 2021 offers particularly useful insight as industries and interactions transitioned to focus more on full remote or hybrid business environments. Seeing as it’s almost two years into the COVID pandemic, it can be assumed that any last major change ups to business operations related to restrictions and supply chains have settled. So, consider these end-of-year strategies to chart a successful course going into 2022:

Review your business statistics

This should be a standing process that occurs in your business at regular intervals. By reviewing your business performance, you can track patterns and trends that are relevant. If you can identify a spike in demand for your product or service based on specific correlating factors, you’ll have a better idea of when you’ll want to invest more in your marketing and exposure. If you market different products or packages, reviewing statistics related to consumption rates based on offering may provide you insight that can help you plan for the coming year. 

Review industry or professional statistics

Depending on your industry and profession, there may be valuable statistics that are collected and published by the government, other companies in the industry, or other regulating bodies. So, it is definitely worthwhile to take these statistics into account - you can look for general information like this by conducting research online. Make sure that you pay attention to the source of the information as outlets and content creators can sometimes present opinion pieces as facts.  

Talk to Your Peers 

The global pandemic has illustrated there are many different avenues to differentiate your business, and asking peers and colleagues what strategies they have gained success with can provide you information that is more relevant to your business and location. Depending on how competitive your market and industry, you may find it is not as easy to get insights from others. If your colleagues aren’t forthcoming with their strategies, you can still get their insights and suggestions on your business operations. 

Pilot New Strategies

Change doesn’t need to happen all at once. Actually, adjusting your business strategies too abruptly can make your business suffer. If you have been thinking about changing something in your business operations, now may be the time to map out a proof of concept run to make sure you’ll want to commit to the changes. 

Ask for Feedback


More often than not, if you don’t ask for something you won’t get it. It can be worthwhile to survey your past and present clients, peers, and loved ones to see if they have any adjustments to recommend for your business operations. Asking the right questions to the right people can give you a better idea which direction you may want to move in. 

Going into the end of the year, applying these strategies above may end up pointing you in the best direction for your business growth in 2022. 


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