Copywriting. You’ve probably heard of it before, but you might be asking yourself, what exactly is it, and does my business really need it? Copywriting, in simple terms, is the art of writing copy (the words used on billboards, TV commercials, sales letters, brochures, websites, and more) that compels potential customers to take a specific action. 

When thinking about succeeding as a small business owner, effective copywriting probably isn’t at the top of your list of strategies. However, copywriting can make a huge difference in your business, attracting customers and increasing sales. 

How does that increase sales? A well-written copy will elicit a certain action response from customers, whether that be to buy, share, keep reading, or subscribe. Another benefit of copy is that it can also help alleviate fears and objections from potential customers that often make them reluctant to buy the products or services they need. 

For instance, some may feel that your products are too expensive for them to afford, while others may be afraid that they might not receive the value you’ve promised them after buying your products. You must address all these fears and concerns in your copy to build confidence and make your customers comfortable enough to want to buy. Some examples can include, Writing powerful headlines that attract the reader’s attention, focusing on your product benefits to create desire in prospects, and including customer reviews and testimonials in your copy to gain their trust and confidence. 

Well-written copywriting also makes an excellent first impression on your potential customers, which helps to boost your brand image immensely. The content you put out is meant to represent your business and brand and copywriting can help market your brand and reinforce your identity. Don’t limit yourself to the simple promotion of only your products and service. Branding is all about building a clear, easily memorable company image. It’s a chance to convey your company’s ideals, philosophies, and core values. When producing content or ad copy, your brand content should remain consistent across all platforms, such that it reflects the true image and identity of your business. 

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of copywriting for businesses and why it’s so important, be sure to prioritize it in your company’s marketing initiatives moving forward.



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