Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning… all of these words can sound very futuristic and intimidating to a small business. It may seem scary or overwhelming to use these new technologies, but you would be pleasantly surprised to find how simple it can really be, and how much benefit it can bring to your business.

If you are running an e-commerce business, AI can be used to collect data on customers and show them the products that they would most be interested in. Have you ever noticed how Amazon will “remind” you of products you may have looked at in the past but passed on and  that over time, with repeated exposure, you may have given in and purchased it?

The main reason businesses use AI is for data collection. Rather than having to manually go over numbers, make Excel spreadsheets and try to do the analysis yourself, utilizing AI automates this process and allows you to spend more time marketing to your customers.

Another way AI can help your business is with chatbots. You can use this technology to communicate and greet visitors to your website. Many of these chatbots understand basic questions and can work as an interactive FAQ option for your customers. Additionally, chatbots can help guide customers if they type a specific keyword or question into the system.

Chatbots have been used in a variety of industries to great success. The World Health Organization (WHO) used a chatbot through WhatsApp to communication COVID-19 information to users.

Another example are travel or wine companies being able to use information customers input into a chatbot to make recommendations or to answer frequently asked questions.

AI and machine learning innovations do not have to be scary, or job killers. They are simply tools that you can add to your arsenal to make your digital marketing more effective.


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