Being an entrepreneur means putting in the work. Night and day, you have your business in mind, and you put in more effort every day to grow. Like with all things, it is more important to work smart or you may end up burning out. Even though recent circumstances have limited our ability to network in person, there are still many opportunities to use sweat equity to grow your business-take these strategies into account when planning your next marketing campaign! 

Create content 

Social media is a necessary tool to maximize your business. But, it is very easy to use social media ineffectively. Managing posts and replying to comments can be very overwhelming. It can be a full-time forty-hour responsibility if you let it. With that in mind, placing an emphasis on posting regularly is a simple strategy that will allow you to build momentum online. Getting into the habit of posting is the first step. When you are able to do so successfully, your business will benefit. Having a social media presence means your prospective clients have the opportunity to engage with you passively. Instead of getting on the phone with you directly, they can learn about your business at their own pace and reach out to you when they need your services. When you’re planning your posts, get creative! The more interactive the content you submit, the more attention you’ll receive from potential clients. Creating content is a great stepping stone to the next strategy: organizing events. 

Organize events

Organizing events like raffles, seminars, or community events is an excellent strategy to build your brand through word of mouth. When using these types of campaigns, you will be better able to develop relationships because participants will want to stay in regular contact and may encourage others to participate as well. Keep in mind, this is dependent on the excitement level for your event. If you decide to hold a raffle, you may want to modify the rules a bit so that there can be multiple winners and different prize levels. Setting up online seminars can also net you more business, but only if your topics are interesting. While raffle prizes are not free, investing in the right prize can work wonders for your client base. The main factor which affects your success is the energy you bring. If you are not excited when inviting people to your events, the likelihood of them attending will be lower. But, no level of excitement will convince potential clients to participate if your events do not grab their attention. Come up with lots of different concepts and try them out to see which event types will work best for your business! 

Communicate often

Another great strategy to grow your business with sweat equity is regular communication with your client base. Staying in touch with your past customers is important because they can be lifelong clients and may refer more business to you. Figuring out the best way to stay in touch can be tricky because it really depends on your industry. Client’s birthdays and anniversaries can be an opportunity to reach out, or you may want to set up a regular newsletter. Following up with past clients is an art because you should not take a one-size-fits-all approach: some clients may want to hear from you through text, or email, or may rather see you in person. Communicating with your clients in their preferred manner will allow for better relationships down the road. 

Even though businesses have largely transitioned to remote interactions with clients, there are still many opportunities to boost your reputation digitally. Even though most people think of sweat equity as something that needs to be done in person, you can apply the three strategies above to get a buzz around your business! As you come up with different strategies by building on these, the most important takeaway is the effort level you put in-sweat equity means taking your willpower and turning it into a driver for your business. 


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