Our Story

SetAds combines the latest innovation in data and artificial intelligence to gather information and turn it into qualified real estate leads delivered directly to real estate pros.


Roy Dekel, CEO

Born in Israel, Roy moved to California in 2002 having spent five years serving with honors in the Israeli military. It’s no secret that one of the reasons Israel, considered THE start-up nation, produces the highest volume of start-ups per capita, is because of the army. Having enjoyed considerable professional success with The Windows Company, Roy Dekel was appointed president for the DCH Home Development Company, a position in which he excelled for six years. Following on from there, the success continued as CEO of the CA Merchant & Investment Group. However, it was the founding and as CEO of SetSchedule, that has seen Roy Dekel change the face of the Real Estate industry forever.

Udi Dorner, COO

As co-founder of SetSchedule, Mr. Dorner is a key player in the area of developing innovative business solutions and managing collaboration with clients and partners. A graduate of the Israeli Defense Force Business Development Division, Mr. Dorner has acquired 15 years of experience in designing and strategically managing businesses. He has formerly worked as the co-founder and Vice President of Operations at a national medical services company known as Fidelis Diagnostics and was member of the founding team at Hearing Fusion where he worked as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his years of experience, Mr. Dorner has collaborated with numerous clients and vendors to develop innovative business solutions.

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