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Blog · January 30, 2017 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

10 Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2017

10 Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2017 Depending on your age and the number of times that you have moved, you know very well that your personality, lifestyle, and your overall happiness are a reflection of the area you live. All of the cities mentioned in this blog have one or more of the following criteria: good job market (particularly for Millennials), safety, and easy commutes. 10: Cary, N.C. Cary, NC is a town of 159,769 located in Wake Chatham. This area has a fast-growing population and business community, as well as a burgeoning tech industry, making it a great place for Millennials. The median price for a home in this area is a modest $110,609, making it a good place to get a foothold in real estate. This city is diverse and is listed as a safe city, and set in beautiful North Carolina. This is a wonderful location to start. 9: Midlothian, VA Located in the Chesterfield County, this city is in the greater Richmond, Virginia and offers many outdoor attractions (including hiking, mountain biking, and watersports on the James river) as well as urban appeal with the city of Richmond nearby. It has a median age of 39 for residents and a median income of $69,000, and housing prices are much more affordable than some of the surrounding areas. Crime rates are low and houses are more affordable than some of the surrounding areas, and the schools are considered to be very good. 8: Huntington, N.Y. This city is located in Suffolk County on the North Shore. With a population of 204,673 and a median income of $102,865, Huntington, N.Y. is headquarters to many different industries, offering a diverse economy and opportunities for residents who want to work for larger companies. And, it is in New York. We love New York! 7: Oyster Bay, N.Y. Over in the next county of Nassau is the town of Oyster Bay. This town has a population of 297,896. A lot of cable companies and supermarket chains are located in this town. With a median income of $99,873, it’s a great place to make a comfortable living as well as diverse markets. 6: Weston, FL This Miami suburb is great if you are wanting to live on the East Coast but you don't want to have to deal with colder temperatures. Weston has a robust median income of $93,553, as well as many software jobs. And of course, it’s located near Miami, with all the nightlife and excitement that comes with it! 5: Naperville, IL This city is located in the County of DuPage Will and has a population of 144,864. With a median income of $105,585, there are a lot of jobs in this area that require a workforce with training and knowledge of the tech industry. There are also several smaller businesses, which is great for those who want a small town. 4: Broomfield, CO Broomfield has one of the smaller populations on this list at 65,065 but a strong median income of $79,034. Much of the economics of Broomfield is focused in the technology and retail centers. Broomfield has a lot of outdoor activities for active Millennials, and is especially family-friendly for those who are ready to settle down. 3: Fremont, CA Fremont is located in the County of Alameda and has a population of 230,000 with a median income of $93,342. As a suburb of San Francisco with proximity to the Silicon Valley, it feels like a much bigger city. Fremont has a diverse demographic because Tesla and financial institutions are located in this area, as well as some research labs located here. If you are looking for a place close to the big city, try Fremont! 2: San Ramon, CA San Ramon is in Contra Costa County and is considered another suburb of San Francisco. Although the population of 76,134 suggest small-town living, don't let this fool you. This is one of the richest cities on this list with a median income of $119,297. Many gas stations are headquartered in this particular area along with electric companies and financial institutions. 1: Irvine, CA Our personal favorite! In South Orange County, Irvine is a city that has all three areas covered: Jobs for Millennials, safety, and walkability. With a population of 258,386 and a median income of $98,923, many major companies in the auto, clothing, sports and tech companies are headquartered here. Irvine is also starting to develop a more pronounced downtown area. We love Irvine! Contributed by James Link

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