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Blog · November 10, 2021 · AUTHOR: Richard Tate

Benefits of a Smart Home System

The resale value of a house is perhaps one of the most important factors for a potential buyer to consider. The improved resale value of smart homes is one of the most significant effects of smart-home technologies. Smart home automation not only saves you time, energy, and money, it can also increase your home’s resale value and can facilitate a faster sale. 

While smart homes were once thought to be just for the wealthy and famous, technological advancements have made them available to a far wider audience. Smart-home technology is popular with tech-savvy millennial shoppers who are always looking for new ways to improve their lives through technology. Smart home technology has created a way for homes to adapt to the millennial mindset as the real estate industry expands to attract younger people. Smart homes, on the other hand, aren’t only for millennials, as smart devices offer a variety of features and solutions that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

While there’s no way to assign a number to a smart home’s potential return on investment, we do know that the demand for home automation is only getting stronger, and buyers may be willing to loosen the budget in exchange for cutting-edge tech. Besides, enjoying the benefits of your smart home while you live there could be worth every penny. Whether it’s added security, a boost in the resale value, or increased functionality and comfort, going smart is a wise choice. 


  • A smart home system can tackle the following tasks with ease: 
  • Automatically adjusting your thermostat 
  • Controlling home security systems and video monitoring 
  • Adjusting your home entertainment system from your phone or tablet and playing specific music anywhere in your home 
  • Controlling door locks and keyless entry systems. Imagine life with no keys in your pocket. 
  • Detecting water leaks or problems with your water heater 
  • Raising and lowering your blinds 
  • Shutting off your water 


If those features sound good to you, imagine how they’ll appeal to a potential buyer. Although the return on investment ranges for each of these upgrades, there is no doubt that every one of these features is a bonus that is sure to appeal to home buyers whenever you chose to sell your home. 

Unfortunately, there is no universal formula for determining how quickly a home will sell. A variety of criteria, including location, condition, and listing characteristics, must be taken into account. Property with smart-home technology, on the other hand, appears to sell quickly, indicating that homebuyers are more drawn to technology-based solutions. Pre-installed smart-home gadgets eliminate the need for purchasers to purchase and install these devices themselves, which is a huge benefit to the home shopper. If your home is fully automated and you’re considering listing it on the market soon, make sure you discuss how your home

compares to similar homes in the area with your agent.


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