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Blog · October 27, 2021 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing YOUR Realtor

Moving into a new home, or especially your first home can be a very stressful process. This is where choosing the correct realtor will really help you make the correct decision and even find this process enjoyable. Every realtor is a little different and this is where choosing the right one for your needs will essentially make or break your experience. 

Do Be Specific of YOUR Needs

Make a list of things you are looking for in your new home: location, price, features, and potentially schooling as well. Only view the homes that meet your basic needs, having an agent knowledgeable of the market will be able to narrow this search down for you. Make sure you have a realistic approach with what you can and can’t afford and things you’d be able to negotiate in order to purchase the perfect property. Finding an agent that has the skillset to make these negotiations for you will be extremely beneficial.

Don't Settle

This starts with picking your agent. Do not settle with the first agent you encounter unless you trust them. There is a reason why 10% of realtors produce 90% of the business. Finding an agent you trust will help you have confidence they are doing what they can to make sure you’re happy. Do not settle on a property that doesn’t fit your criteria or where you are forced into surrendering your buyers terms. 

Do Look for Punctuality 

You may have appointments when seeking a realtor. A good realtor may want to meet with you to go over details of the types of homes you have in mind. Prior to inking an agreement, an agent will often show you a few homes to give you a feel for their service. If you encounter an agent that is routinely late or cancelling appointments, take that as a red flag. That being said, punctuality works both ways! 



Don't Overstretch Your Wallet

Some agents are in the business for the people, some are only in it for the money. Occasionally agents will show properties way out of budget. While this may be done without ill intent based on your criteria, a good agent will be able to work with you on finding a property that may not have everything, but will best fit your budget. An experienced agent will have both your immediate and future interests in mind and be able to rationalize the best situation for you. A bad agent could potentially put you in an extremely poor financial position for years to come.

Do Expect to Work with Your Agent

Great agents will make a home shopping experience a fun and enjoyable experience, however most of them are not mind readers. If an agent can’t take the time to listen to you and work with you, then you should probably look for another one. By doing your own research, knowing your budget, and expressing your desires/wants to your agent, they will be able to best help you manifest them into reality. 

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