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Blog · November 24, 2021 · AUTHOR: Nina Rodriguez

Homebuying Tips For a Growing Family

As your family grows, it is important to consider the place where your children will experience their first milestones. With that in mind, you need to carefully think about every option before picking your next home. Questions can come across your mind such as “how much room will I need in my new home?” “What are the safety issues I should examine?” Oversights could be costly so you want to be conscious and thorough during the buying process. Before you stress yourself out, here are some tips!

Know What You Can Afford

Before setting a budget for your new home, make sure to assess your current expenses and monthly budget since it will change due to the additional expenses of your growing family. Once you have set your budget, you can look at how much house you can afford and suits your needs.

Check House Layout

The importance of layout in your house begins to look different than living without children. Certainly, you have to think about having a nursery and enjoyable bedrooms to your living space. Below are some factors to consider:

Floor Plans

Walking up and downstairs could be stressful in looking over your children. Find a floor plan that has a conducive layout to raising a family. Consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms need to be located conveniently. Do you have a pre-teen child that wants to have their own rooms soon? Also, would an open floor plan will make keeping an eye on your children easier? You might also consider a house that could easily be expanded in the future.

Bedroom Location

Majority of parents have their bedroom closer to the nursery specially for late nights. You might want to have a little more space between your child’s bedroom as he grows older.

Playground and Playroom Areas

This area might not be a needed requirement for your new house especially when your budget is limited. Although playgrounds and playrooms inside your house are great for family time, when you have parks and community centers nearby, your children can still enjoy those.

Choosing the Right Location

Always consider how close you are to key locations like where your kids will be going to study and how far the local schools are from your home. Stop by and check the neighborhood at different times of the day for you to have a great understanding of what it will be like to live around them. Think about your daily activities, how far are you willing to commute for work? You can also check recreational activities available in the area.

Consider Safety and Security

Safety and security is one of the most important things to consider in the house that you will be interested in. If you have a baby or toddlers should be a childproofing should be a factor when thinking of purchasing the house. Pay attention to stairs and shelves with sharp corners. Get to know your neighbors and think about your children’s safety in your street area. Lastly, assess if your surrounding has sources of pollution that may affect the health of your family.

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