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Blog · September 22, 2021 · AUTHOR: Noma Mathembisa

Making your New House Feel Like a Home: 9 Tips and Tricks

So you've finally unpacked your moving boxes and hung all your clothes in the closet; you're all set and ready to start living in your new home. However, after all is said and done, there's still a feeling of unfamiliarity and newness that hinders a true sense of comfort when adjusting to a property. 

Having a new house feel like a home rarely happens in the first few days of moving in. Some people take weeks if not months until they find  that sweet spot of peace that lets them feel at home. Birthday dinners or  memories of your baby taking their first steps in your new house will always remedy this, but what to do until then?   

Let's take a look at 9 simple changes you can make to have your new house feeling like a home right after moving in. 

1. Wall art 

Dealing with blank walls will definitely have your new house feeling like an episode of Desert Island. Putting up art around your new house shouldn't just be for decoration purposes - choosing art you love will have you one step closer to having that homey feeling! 

2. Be a plant parent

Nothing says life and ambiance quite like greenery. Plants will always fill a room with brightness and energy, so a potted plant here and there is always a good idea. Outside of being bright and beautiful, plants also help purify the air and rid toxins in your home. 

3. Rugs and runners 

Brighten up your home and add to your underfoot comfort with beautifully designed and colorful carpets and runners. While they can be a bit of an expensive investment, they truly have the power to create a warm and homey feeling in your new house. 

4. Paint the walls  

If you're renting, you'll want to ask for permission from your landlord, but if you've just bought your dream home, then we're all systems go! Painting your new house adds to that personal touch that completes a home. It isn't always about showcasing your favourite colour; you can also set an overall feel for the house. 

5. Family photos 

Being surrounded by memories brings a sense of warmth into any home. When you have pictures of your loved ones around the house, it gives you a visual reminder that you are part of something beautiful and larger than yourself;  that energy will inevitably spill into your new space.

6. Add light

Switching up on lighting can strip that cold and uninviting feeling you may feel in your house. As simple as it sounds, having different light sources can alter the mood of a room. From candles to adding lamps in different rooms, you can transform your space from cold and drab to warm and welcoming in a split second. 

7. Curtains, pillows and throws 

A great way to achieve an inviting look for any room is to have it look comfortable. Get chunky curtains, place some cushions and throws on the furniture. By properly planning your rooms, you and your guests will be comfy and cozy, no matter the time of year. 

8. Add familiar scents 

When you move into a new place, it usually either smells like an empty house or someone else. Set up air fresheners, scented candles and incense around the house. There are dozens of ways to fill your house with an aroma that'll immediately have you feeling right at home. 

9. Outdoor art

Your outdoor yard is an extension of your home, so it's always important to nurture it when it comes time to mold your house into a home. Whether colorful gnomes are your thing or a little outdoor furniture with some fairy lights make some of the best evenings - outdoor art/furniture is always a great addition to your new home. 

You can try one or two of these changes, or you can do them all; the trick is to choose what works for you. After all, it’s YOUR home you’re decorating!   

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