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Featured Members · September 28, 2021 · AUTHOR: Danica Cabantac

Member Spotlight: Colleen Cooley with Coldwell banker in Palo Alto, CA!

Colleen Cooley

Coldwell Banker

Experience: 20 years

Specializations: Communication and Service

Areas Served: SF Peninsula

Q: What made you interested in Real Estate?

AMy mother was a real estate agent. When I left my corporate job, I wanted to try something new. This has been the best career I could have chosen. I like helping people realize their dreams and goals. No two transactions are ever the same. I love to constantly be learning new things.

Q: What is the most interesting thing that happened during an open house you hosted?

A:  One open house, as man came in and stayed for the entire time. I was a bit worried when everyone left and he was still in the house. I stepped out to the front porch and he came to talk to me. He said he had a house to sell in the area and liked the way I handled myself as an agent. What I thought was a possibly dangerous situation, turned into new business.

Q: What was your favorite moment in your career so far?

A: As a listing agent, I work with a team of professionals to perpare the property for the market. It's a great feeling when the seller's see how all the work transforms their property into a beautiful home for sale!! It's even more rewarding when the sale price exceeds their expectations. Working with buyers in this area can be challenging. It's been a "seller's market" for most of the 20 years I've worked as an agent. It's incredibly rewarding when a buyer who has been out-bid over and over is finally successful in achieving their goal. Handing someone keys to their new home is a great feeling.

Q: What do you wish you had known when you first got your real estate license?

A:. I wish I had known how to prepare for the ebb and flow of this industry.

Q: In what ways have you seen the real estate industry change since you started?

A: Real estate was one of the last industries to really embrace technology. Over the past 20 years that has changed significantly. With virtual tours, docusign, and online scheduling, the industry is more streamlined.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of your job?

A: The most challenging part of my job comes when things slow down. When it's busy, my schedule is filled to capacity. When it slows, I challenge myself to learn new things and keep connected with clients.

Q: If you could sum up being a real estate agent in five words or less, what would you say?

A: Making clients' dreams come true

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