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Blog · February 27, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Partner With The Right Realtor

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All Realtors® are not equal. Many years ago, when I was purchasing my first home in New Jersey, I had no idea of what to look for in a Realtor. Frankly, I wanted someone who was not full of themselves and would add some value to the process. I grew up renovating many homes with my father. After our hard work, he handed off the keys to his Realtor. The guy was arrogant and gave himself all the credit for the sale, when it was my brother, father, and I who labored long hours making the homes more marketable. Those encounters shaped the way I work with clients today. Because most people purchase just a handful of homes in their lifetime, they find it difficult to evaluate Realtors. I suggest deciding on the basis of performance, chemistry, and trust. Often, the public’s perception of Realtors has little to do with performance, and is clouded by marketing hype.

Why do they all claim to be top producers?

I wonder, too. (Although I do have $53.4 million in average annual sales, top 1.5% of SF Realtors.) For me, the decision boils down to a few questions. Who has the most relevant experience? Who’s the best fit for me? Who can dramatically improve my chances of securing my dream home? And most importantly, who can I trust?.

Are home sales distributed equally among San Francisco real estate agents?

Not even close! Here are the 2016 statistics:

  • 8,152 homes sold in San Francisco
  • As I write this, there are approximately 4,400 Realtors®
  • Roughly 1,400 (31%) of them closed 0 – 3 sales
  • Roughly 3,300 (75%) of them closed less than 6 sales
  • The top 5% close more sales than the remaining 95%
  • The top 2% close over 85% of the sales

Prepare your questions ahead of time

Sellers and their respective agents should be ready to answer any of your questions so be sure to make a list of questions about a property you have seen and like. Getting all your questions answered at once will help you to more quickly make a decision in this competitive market and remove any doubts you might have.

What’s your definition of a successful buyers’ Realtor®?

It’s based on experience, but proven in action. My intention, and what I’ve done for many buyers, is to save you time, and likely, a lot of money.

Who pays the buyers’ agent commission?

Not you! The seller pays for my services. So you can select the very best person for the job, without concern about cost. I work as a proud, self-proclaimed ambassador to the real estate market. I unlock doors (not just the literal ones) and help you leverage the right tools. My role is not to push or persuade. Your purchase is very important. I prefer you find the right home and say no to as many as you must. Together, we’ll consider, “Is this going to be a good investment? Does it truly match your objectives?"

Are licensed agents required to have practical training, mentoring or experience to begin practicing real estate agency?

No, to begin representing clients an agent must pass the licensing exams and register to work under a licensed real estate broker. That’s it. To actually become knowledgeable and proficient would require an agent to complete 30 to 40 transactions. I can make a difference for you and your family. Call or email me to start the conversation.

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