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Blog · January 18, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Reasons to Sell Your Home in January

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While there is no way to narrow down the exact day you should put your house on the market, certain factors come into play that may affect how long a listing will be active and if it will garner any interest. Many sellers won't even consider listing their home in the colder months, but it can actually be the most beneficial and strategic time to sell a home. Check out the top three reasons you should sell your home in January below:

Little to no competition

Many sellers are waiting until the warmer months to sell their homes, leaving ready buyers with fewer options. Listing now when there are less homes on the market potentially means a quicker sale and not having to compete when real estate is booming come spring.

Buyer availability

Gone are the days of buyers having to wait to start their home shopping due to lack of information. Today, buyers can look at listings from a variety of sources (online, apps, emails) at their leisure and be ready to make a purchase at any time.

Financial implications

The holiday season is rife with changes in income, financial gifts and bonuses, and thoughts about the next year's living situation. Whether a buyer has deduced that they have saved enough to buy a home or are reconsidering the tax benefits of owning vs. renting, now is a time when new and active buyers alike are on the hunt and ready to make a purchase. Considering selling your home in the Austin area? Contact Reilly Realtors today for expert advice on Austin real estate.

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