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Blog / Featured Members · July 25, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

SetSchedule Member Spotlight: Cynthia Speers with The Grubb Company from Berkeley, CA!

Cynthia Speers

Cynthia Speers The Grubb Company

Experience: 6 years full time as a residential Realtor. 3 years before that in private lending/investment. Specializations: First time Buyers, Move up, Downsize, Investor. Areas Served: Primarily Kensington, El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, Oakland. I also stray as far as San Leandro/Castro Valley Hayward and East to Orinda/Moraga Lafayette Q: What made you become interested in real estate? A: I always managed my own investments, It was a natural fit to become a Realtor once I had the time to dedicate to a full time career. Q: What is the most interesting thing that happened during an open house you hosted? A: I was hosting an open house for my client who owned a single family house used as a rental property for many years. A neighbor comes in and says, you know the former tenant years ago was T** K*******. He became the infamous Unibomber long after leaving the rental. Q: What was your favorite moment in your career so far? A: I’ve had a handful of transactions where everything in the universe lined up perfectly to deliver the perfect home to multiple clients in a row. I love it when a former client is ready for a move-up house. There’s so many details in getting the current house into escrow with a great buyer, then getting into escrow on a replacement house for the seller. It’s all about having control of the transactions and on point communication between parties so the dominoes fall in a row line in the chain of transactions. Q: What do you wish you had known when you first got your real estate license? A: How to clone myself. When you’re first starting out, everything is so new and time consuming. It’s good to know every detail of a transaction, but after you’ve learned how it all fits together, you don’t need to do every detail yourself. I am so blessed to have A+ Marketing and Admin staff supporting me behind the scenes so I supervise and approve the back scenes stuff. I make it a point to be present for my clients so they can feel confident immersing themselves in unfamiliar territory for them. Q: In what ways have you seen the real estate industry change since you started? A: Technology is a great thing for sharing information, having research at your fingertips. In the end, it’s about relationships. Relationship between Listing Agent and their Seller, relationship between Selling Agent and their Buyers, and maybe not so apparent to the public, relationships between Agents. Q: What's the most challenging part of your job? A: Having my favorite vendors have enough space on their calendar to meet super quick deadlines. Q: If you could sum up being a real estate agent in five words or less, what would you say? A: Making dreams come true.

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