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Blog · February 06, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Tips For First Time Home Buyers

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No matter the reason why you need or want to move, searching for real estate homes anywhere, but especially in Northern New Jersey, can be very challenging. Looking for the perfect house is not always as easy as we'd like. It requires a lot of work and concentration. After all, this is where you will live for a long time. Here are a few recommendations:

Keep your expectations real

As a new buyer, it's normal to aim high, but sometimes we need to get down to earth. Don't request options that are out of your limit, draw a line where you know you are at the top of your budget and stick to it. This will ultimately lead to a much smarter purchase.

Make a list of your wants and needs

We all have a wish list of items we want to see in our dream home. Take the time to make that list...but then analyze it and understand what you must have vs. what would be nice to have. Also, look at the list in terms of what you could potentially add later and what you cannot. For example, if you need a certain location, you shouldn't compromise. However, if hardwood floors are on your list, consider that you might add those later once you are settled in your new home.

Prepare your questions ahead of time

Sellers and their respective agents should be ready to answer any of your questions so be sure to make a list of questions about a property you seen and like. Getting all your questions answered at once will help you to more quickly make a decision in this competitive market and remove any doubts you might have.

Hire a reliable real estate agent

It is so important to choose a professional. When you hire a real estate agent you can trust, everything else will get a lot easier. Good Realtors know the marketplace inside and out, they can advise you about neighborhoods, school districts and real estate prices. They also know how to get you through the negotiation process and help to make the transition from contract to closing smooth. Buying real estate can be done much more easily when you put these recommendations into practice. Remember, we are always here to guide you or your loved one along the way.

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