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Blog · December 11, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

To list or not to list during the holiday season



While the holidays are a joyous time of celebration with friends and loved ones, they are also the busiest time of the year and often marked by stress as one struggles to juggle the numerous obligations and engagements. For most homeowners looking to sell their house, the idea of listing during the holiday season is regarded with trepidation and reluctance. Afterall, selling your house is just one more hassle to deal with during an already busy time and most people aren’t even going to move until after the New Year. However, there are a few key advantages to listing your property for sale during the holidays. Read on to learn why selling during the holidays might be the best decision for you, and how to capitalize on the seasonal cheer in order to net the perfect home buyer.

What are the advantages of listing your home during the holidays?

There are two main advantages you have when you opt to list your home during the holidays. First, you will be facing much less competition than you would if you listed during any other time of the year. For the reasons discussed above, most people opt to wait to list their homes till after the holidays are over. This means that if you DO list your home during the holidays, your home is likely to stand out more so than if you listed in or after January. This key advantage becomes more significant when considered next to the second benefit of listing your home during the holidays - the home shoppers looking at houses during the holidays are typically much more motivated and have greater urgency than home shoppers the rest of the year. Most home shoppers opt to wait until after January to purchase, so most likely people shopping homes during the holidays are facing a circumstance that is necessitating they move. This could be life events like job or military relocation or investors on tax deadlines. Whatever the case might be, home shoppers during the holiday season are likely looking for smooth transactions and quick moves so if you are serious about selling, this might be the perfect time for you to find a motivated buyer.

So how do I leverage the holiday season in order to sell my house?

Traditional logic dictates that to prepare your house for showing you should decorate minimally so your house is a blank slate for potential home buyers to project their life onto. However, this logic is flipped during the holiday season. Meaning, you want to make your house a harbor in the storm complete with decorations according to the holidays your family celebrates. The holiday season brings cold and damp weather, short days and long nights. When people enter your house, you want them to feel like they are escaping the chill of winter and stepping into a sanctuary of warmth and cozy vibes. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should make your house look like the lobby of FAO Schwartz. Instead, be deliberate and restrained in your decorating so your house appears inviting. Additionally, when showing your house turn on the heat or fireplace, play jolly music and light scented candles. These little details will go a long way towards encouraging home buyers to envision their future holidays in your living room and make them more likely to make you an offer.

Lastly, make every effort to price your home to sell, rather than pricing it with the intention that you will lower it in increments during negotiations. Keep in mind that the people looking at your house during the holidays are most likely motivated to move quickly. They likely don’t have the time to engage in lengthy negotiations. They are looking for the right house for the right price, and then they will move quickly to make an offer. So make sure your house is competitively priced to attract the best buyer and most uneventful transaction.


Selling your home is never easy, and selling your home during the holidays brings extra challenges. However, the holiday season also brings certain advantages for those listing their properties. When deciding to list your home during the holidays, consider your circumstances. If you are properly motivated and able to take advantage of the holiday season, then it might just be the perfect time for you to find the perfect buyer.

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  • I agree it is good to sell a house during the holiday season and getting a professional help will also be a good idea especially on Christmas. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing!
  • Very interesting article and it's helpful . Many of these tips apply for any time of the year, but they can prove especially important during the holidays.
  • Michelle Lee says:
    Nice article but there is no clear-cut, and dry answer as everyone’s personal circumstances are different. But times have changed, and in many cases it can be just as effective, to list your home during the holiday season. Although there can be some drawbacks, you may be facing less competition and have an easier time making a sale.
  • Timothy Dube says:
    It's equally true of selling a home during the holidays. Because this time have Less competition and can be found real buyer. So i think that is the right time to listing
  • Calvin Lyons says:
    Yeah setschedule , that is the best time to listing because every buyer may need to move quickly — and close quickly, to advantage. Since the housing industry is slower overall during the holidays, loan officers are likely to approve and close qualified buyers faster. These serious buyers may also be more excited during the cheer of the holiday season and could be more likely to make an offer at the price you’re asking.
  • Less competition is on of the more advantage of the holiday season. I like this point and holiday season is the perfect time and find out the real buyers. Thank's
  • jean Numo says:
    Thank's Setschedule for this article . I agree with all of point on that blog but i want to know that what about the non-US buyer . because non-U.S. buyers who may not follow the same holiday 's .
  • Croft James says:
    Good point but my opinion that no matter what time of year, a home that’s priced low for the market will make buyers feel merry. Rather than gradually making small price reductions, many real estate agents advise sellers to slash their prices before putting a home on the market.
  • I think buyer are more serious on that holidays time . People who look at properties during the Holidays are serious buyers and are often ready to make a decision and want to take advantage of interest rates that are still at historical low
  • Good Article about holiday's listing . But i think some sellers insist on leaving their homes on the market through the holidays. This can work out great for sellers in some cases, but it all depends on factors like local customs, what neighbors are doing, and how real estate activity is viewed by others during the holiday season in your area. But remember that every town is different.

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