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Blog · November 13, 2020 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

What’s The Health of Your Home?

When you’re buying or selling a property, it’s helpful to take a quick mental inventory of your home’s health. Roy Dekel SetSchedule CEO recommends that you ask “what makes a healthy home?” Keeping up with regular maintenance for the different systems and sections of your property makes all the difference when you’re deciding to sell. The home’s electrical wiring, the state of the roof, plumbing, and a variety of other factors can severely affect your ability to close quickly as a seller.. If you’re buying, you should not be shy to ask about or look at these different parts of the property. Roy has developed the Roy Dekel SetSchedule quick survey through hands-on tours of hundreds of properties as a real estate investor. Typically, there is an inspection period when you’re buying a home. But, you don’t want to have these issues pop up when you’re already set on the property. Taking the time to discuss the home’s health with your agent or creating a mental checklist can save you a lot of time and heartache. With that being said, you should try some of these Roy Dekel SetSchedule strategies so you can take a quick inventory of any property’s health:


  • Think Outside First 


Whether you’re assessing your own property or a property you may want to purchase, you can try this quick mental exercise: think of the outside facing parts of your property. The elements can cause major damage to a property over time, so you’ll want to review the external parts of the home. The quality of the roof and siding should especially draw your attention, considering these can be some of the most costly repairs to undertake. Another important section of the property you should consider is the driveway. If you are touring a home, you may want to take extra care to let your agent or the listing agent know you are interested in seeing the driveway if your view is obstructed by cars. While it may be a bit of an uncomfortable request, remember that you have to watch out for your own best interests. Using the Roy Dekel SetSchedule home survey strategy can help you get to the finish line on your transaction quicker.   


  • What Can’t You See?

Equally as important as the exterior of the house, the internal systems for the property you are reviewing can be easy to glance over if you aren’t paying attention. The home’s wiring, plumbing and septic system, and the insulation should all pass muster when you’re doing a review of your home or thinking of purchasing. Issues with these parts of the home can be a bit more difficult to detect visually. So, the Roy Dekel SetSchedule strategy recommends you ask about the regularity of maintenance, or take special care to check the health of these systems on a consistent basis. Older homes have an added potential issue you should be careful with-asbestos. This material was previously used in the construction of many older properties before the dangers of this material was fully understood. Taking extra care to explore the inner working of the property can end up saving you a lot of headache down the line. With the internal systems of your property, out of sight should not be out of mind. 


  • How Will the Home Hold Up Long Term? 


This Roy Dekel SetSchedule tip is mainly for prospective homebuyers interested in purchasing a property: remember that, as the seasons change, the weather and temperature around the home will vary as well. This means you should consider the energy efficiency of the property. Is there enough insulation in the property? How old are the windows? If you don’t ask questions about these parts of the home before you buy, you may end up paying an exorbitant amount on air conditioning to warm up a freezing home, or to cool down a sweltering one. Additionally, other features of the home can be costly to maintain, so keep in mind that more features may not always be better if you are not planning on using them.   


As mentioned previously, there is usually a period of inspection when entering escrow on a property, so you do not need to feel like you need to catch everything. But, using these Roy Dekel SetSchedule strategies can definitely help you streamline your search so you don’t have to reach that inspection period only to realize that the property’s maintenance may not be satisfactory. As always, if you have any questions regarding a property, your realtor should be your first point of reference! 

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