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· October 13, 2020 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

Why Work with SetSchedule?

If you are in the market for real estate, you are preparing for what could possibly be the largest investment in your life. It can seem daunting, especially if it is your first time buying or selling. As a home shopper, you deserve a cohesive experience. You should have the freedom to assess real estate agents and get information as easily as possible. This reasoning is what inspired SetSchedule co-founders Roy Dekel and Udi Dorner to develop a company that shakes up the industry. Instead of taking the backward path of waiting for an agent to reach out to you about your online inquiry, SetSchedule has developed a streamlined process to connect you with a local real estate expert in seconds. Roy Dekel, with his background as a real estate investor, understood the frustration of waiting for an agent to answer basic questions. This inspired the SetSchedule focus on furnishing a timely white-glove response that will match you to the best agent that fits your needs. SetSchedule has two core values that Roy Dekel and Udi Dorner have encoded into SetSchedule’s DNA:


A Commitment to Satisfaction


When you work with a real estate agent, you are hiring an expert to collaborate with you on your transaction journey. “No matter how inexperienced you may be with real estate, you should feel empowered in your homesearch,” says Roy Dekel. When you work with a company like SetSchedule, you get access to the right agent that fits your needs, the Concierge team who is on standby for any questions you may have and expertly developed tech solutions to get you to your new home faster. SetSchedule will check in with you at regular intervals so you can share your feedback and thoughts so far. You can progress at your own pace, and you can interview more agents by speaking with the Concierge. If speed is a factor, you can send a quick text and join a SetHello meeting room with a local agent in seconds. Roy Dekel is most proud of this concept. “The SetSchedule dynamic experience is perfectly captured by SetHello-you click on the link and the most responsive agent in your market connects right away, ready to help. It’s the best use of technology possible-connecting people who need help with experts who can guide them.” The freedom of choice and remarkable response time SetSchedule has built into the process means you get more from your search and hit the ground running! 


A Standard of Excellence 


Your connection with your real estate agent can set the tone for your whole transaction. When you decide to move forward, your agent has a lot of work they can do to ensure you have a smooth homesearch. But, not every agent is the same. Some are not up to date on the best way to build client relationships, or may not be able to negotiate effectively on your behalf. Some agents can be difficult to get a hold of. Some may not put in enough effort, or may not be creative enough to give you the best service possible. Roy Dekel realized these short-comings are opportunities for improvement: “I asked myself, ‘how do we make sure the agents are Roy Dekel ready?’ There is a certain standard I expect from anyone who represents SetSchedule as a partner agent”. This led to the training and development of the specially trained Agent Consultant team. At regular intervals, agents meet with their Consultant  for accountability meetings to review their progress. When you request an agent from SetSchedule, you can rest assured knowing you will be matched based on the agent’s ability and dedication, as well as your preferences and real estate needs.   


While there are many resources you can use during your real estate search, you need the right agent and a dedicated team to advise you.  No matter your level of interest or timeline, SetSchedule is right for you because the tools available at your fingertips. SetSchedule marries a sincere commitment to satisfaction with a standard of excellence that you deserve. What are you waiting for? Click here to start a homesearch with SetSchedule! 

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