So When Are You Moving? The Best Time to Sell Your House

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Deciding on the best time of year to sell your house is not always simple. Sometimes it’s determined by outside factors, but sometimes you have a bit more flexibility. In order to make sure you get the most out of your sale, here are some tips for when to put your house on the market.

The Best Time of the Year

best time to buy a houseMany sources advocate that the best time of the year to sell your house is between March and June. May, however, is the ideal month to sell a house, primarily because people are receiving their tax returns from the IRS, so they are more inclined to make an investment than at other times of the year. For a list of ideal selling dates, check out this list from consumer advisor Clark Howard about the best time to sell a house in 25 major metropolitan areas.

There is another benefit to selling your home during this period, as well. For families who are looking to relocate before the next school year begins in order to give their children time to adjust to the new location, this time is ideal for buying a new house. It allows for a period of adjustment, and plenty of time for everyone to get settled before the new school year begins.

Another time to consider is the day you place your house on the market. People are more likely to want to look at houses on the market on the weekend rather than during the work week, regardless of the month. Therefore, houses that are listed on Thursday and Friday are more likely to get attention than those posted earlier in the week.

The Numbers Game

right price for your houseWhile obviously people are always on the lookout for a good deal, there is no magic number for the ideal listing price of a house, nor is there one concrete way to know the value of your home. First and foremost, it depends on the market you live in, but it also depends on the state of the economy, the level of need of the buyer, and the nearby competition. It can be hard to predict on any given day how these factors will come together, and how they form the ideal selling price for your home.

If you need to sell your house or apartment fast, an agent should know not only the best way to do that, but the best time to do that, as well.  According to The Balance, most real estate agents should know the average time it takes to sell a house without having to think about it. This information is not the only a good sign of your choice of agent, but also gives you an expected timeline once your house is placed on the market. While this number can never be 100% accurate, having a narrow timeline is better than the vagueness of not knowing how long your house will sit on the market for.

TIME Magazine also mentions looking at the digits when you price your houses. Numbers that end in one, or ever 2 zeroes, are less likely to sell than numbers with other digits. For example, a house priced at $408,712 is more likely to sell than a home priced at $400,000, even though the second number is less than the first. In this regard, the pricing market turns into a numbers game more than a financial strategy.

The Best and Worst Months to Sell a House 

best and worst months to sell a houseBuying climate is not a reference to the likelihood of people to buy at a certain time, but in this case, literally the climate itself. The months of March-June are good times to sell house because they usually produce temperate weather across the United States, but some regions are prone to more bad weather than others, or quicker seasonal changes, all of which months are better for selling your house. For example, it might not be a good idea for a house in the Northeast to be listed in February, when the potential for snow is highly likely, or for homes in the Midwest to be listed during tornado season.

Therefore, listing your home involves not just paying attention to your needs, but what the buyer will be looking for. The potential buyer won’t want to climb over three feet of snow to get to your front door, or get to know you too well as you take cover in your tornado shelter. Some markets have wider climate berths than others, but it’s an important factor to consider when getting ready to sell your house.

In addition, spring may seem like the ideal time to sell your house, but, as points out, but it’s not without its downsides, either: buyers can be pickier and bidding wars may ensue. There can also be negative repercussions if you try to sell during the off-season, like the fall and winter, because there is less curb appeal, houses will sell for lower prices, and the buyers are looking for bargains rather than their dream homes. Sometimes you can’t avoid listing your house in the off-season, but if you can wait until the peak season, there may be a better payoff for you in the long run.  And if you do have to sell your house in the off-season, it might be worth trying to sell your house as is, in order to make the transition quicker.

SetSchedule Can Help

There is one element to this puzzle that’s missing, and that’s how to get people to come to your home, no matter how ideal your listing may be. SetSchedule’s agents can help with that. We set up verified appointments with interested potential buyers. Through our innovative technological platforms, our agents work with you every step of the way to make sure that your house gets listed and sold quickly and efficiently.

  1. Kayla says:

    Thanks for this. I didn’t know that there’s the best time to buy and sell a house. My parents want to buy a house. They are now looking up some agents to assist them.

  2. Steele Honda says:

    I really liked how you described the situation that the potential buyer won’t want to climb over three feet of snow to get to my front door! I am going to sell my house within the next 6 months as I will be moving all across the country for work. I realize that I need to do that either now or in the spring as soon the snow will fall down, and this might affect the potential buyers’ activity. Thanks for the hintt

  3. Thanks for letting me know that Condition, location, and price are the main factors that affect your home while selling a house. Personally, I would want the lawn of my garden to look nice. Thanks for sharing..!!
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  4. Kayla says:

    I didn’t know that deciding on the best time of year to sell your house is not always simple. My dad wants to move into a smaller home because it’s difficult to maintain it. My aunt suggested selling the house and shared this article with him. It says that people are more likely to want to look at houses on the market on the weekend rather than during the work week, regardless of the month.

  5. samaron says:

    This information is very useful , i really enjoy to read this information.
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  6. Jane says:

    Usually August and December are the worst times to put a home on the market. If someone is looking for a home and hasn’t found it by late July, they go on vacation and resume looking in the fall. With all the holidays around December it’s not a good time to start selling your home.

    If you want to sell your home fast, clean it up and paint where needed. Price it right. Get an experienced agent. A dirty or messy house will turn off buyers and will cost you money in the long run. If it’s not priced right than there is no incentive to buy your home over one that is similar

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