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Blog · January 26, 2022 · AUTHOR: Media Team

Important Questions for Sellers

When you are ready to sell your home, you have a kind of superpower that you might not even know about. Most real estate agents actually prefer working with sellers than buyers. Many consider it much easier to find a buyer for a single residence than to find the perfect property for an active buyer. This gives you the advantage to vet the agents and ask some revealing interview questions.

How Will You Go About Marketing My Home?

This is probably the most important question in your arsenal. It’s the normal business practice to list your home on the multiple listing service (MLS) and many agents will also market your home on their broker’s website. Pay attention to what else they will do to secure the best price possible. More creative strategies can gain extra attention, directly linking their efforts to getting a better offer. You can even go so far as to find out what their fastest sell was. Make sure to ask for specific details as that will give you some insight into their ability. 

In the Current Market, What is the Most Competitive List Price?

Emotional attachments to your home are undoubtedly apparent. Therefore it can be very difficult to hear what an honest value is on this precise domicile you’ve spent a chunk of your life. It makes it all the more important to carefully listen to expert advice, as they are natural and will best know what a new individual would be willing to pay in the current market. It is best to set an honest competitive price for your home and have many offers to work with, rather than shoot too high and risk having none.

It’s All About Who They Know

Most real estate professionals have a wealth of connections you can utilize. They know stagers who can ready your home to be put on the market. Some agents know contractors who can assist you with renovations or improvements that you might want to tackle to ensure you receive a better price. It’s also important to know what professionals you are looking for. After all, it’s not about who knows the most, but who knows the right people for you and your home.

How Long is My Property expected to be Listed?

There should be an average length of time that properties stay on the market in your area. Keep in mind that the time frame you’ll be offered will be affected by your asking price as well. Knowing a rough timeline, however; can help you prepare for the journey of selling your home.

This process is a big adjustment no matter your situation. Selecting the right agent is a very important step. Ask all the questions you need to ensure you feel comfortable with your decision. SetSchedule has a wealth of information, and many options you can utilize to assist in the decision-making process for you and your family.



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