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Blog · December 21, 2017 · AUTHOR: Tuhin

Sell Your House Fast - It’s Time to Move on!

Selling Your House Fast Moving is a schlep! Nobody likes packing up their home and years of memories in boxes. It’s time-consuming, energy intensive, and mentally draining. Fortunately, a little tweaking of these processes can make everything much easier. As you approach your moving date, it’s normal to feel a little anxious. It’s never fun putting your life possessions into cardboard boxes, and waiting for them to be hauled away. But if you turn that frown upside down and adopt an attitude of gratitude, you’ll soon see that there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. A new home is a new beginning, and you can sell your house fast by adopting these tips and tricks.

What’s the Problem with Cardboard Boxes?

Truthfully – nothing! These are the best things that you could possibly use to pack your belongings in. With a little innovation, you can make cardboard boxes much easier to manage. For example, if you cut rectangular holes into both sides of a cardboard box, you can use them as handles to make carrying these boxes much easier. And, on the topic of packing – instead of removing all your clothing from hangers in your closet and packing them into bags, bring the bags to your clothes. How so? Take garbage bags and place them directly over the clothes in your closet (from the bottom up) while they are still on hangers in your closet. Tie the bags at the top where the hangers stick out, and presto!

Lots of Cool Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

If you have loads of extension cables, wires, cords and the like, you don’t want them to get all knotted up. So, take toilet rolls and wrap the cables around toilet rolls and place them in boxes. This makes moving these messy items much easier. The heaviest items in your closets don’t typically do well in cardboard boxes, so you may want to put them in suitcases. Besides, the handle makes them much easier to cart around.

When you are looking to sell your house fast, you may not be able to get a handyman in time. Besides, it could cost you a pretty penny. So, to fill in all those unsightly holes in the wall, you may want to simply get some white toothpaste, dab it on your fingertips, and fill in all those unsightly holes. The toothpaste will instantly harden, and presents just like putty. One of the heaviest items to move from place to place is cutlery or crockery. If you don’t want to break your back, or the dishes, try and stack Styrofoam or cardboard plates in between your porcelain/ceramic dishes. That way, you’ve got some cushioning to prevent them from cracking.

Beautify Your Home Before the Big Day

Always label your boxes. This is a must-do tip for anyone who is moving. If you’re moving 50 to 100 boxes, it’s near impossible to remember what you packed in each of them. A black marker is all it takes to label each box correctly. PS label the boxes on the side and not on top since you will probably be stacking them on top of one another. A fast sale requires more than just finding a buyer who gets approved quickly. You also need to move home, and that requires a lot of effort and planning. Getting things in order while you’re staging a home to sell is always recommended. Consider the following failsafe tips:

  • Remove all clutter and pack away your boxes
  • Add new mats to your front porch and back porch
  • Get your carpets and floors cleaned for show days
  • Ensure that your home is spotless, neat and orderly
  • Scrub the grout, clean the tiles and wipe down the countertops
  • Add a little style and finesse to your dining room and living quarters
  • Tend to your lawn, clean your windows and polish your doorknobs

There you have it! Now you can sell your house fast with complete confidence that the buyer will feel good about picking your home as his or her new humble abode.

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