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Advice For Pros · December 03, 2020 · AUTHOR: Shayna Goldburg

Advancing Your Real Estate Transactions Online with SetSchedule

 Real estate professionals in 2020 have come across an unprecedented challenge: migrating their entire transaction process online. Although at first glance this might seem impossible, with recent progress in the real estate industry  over the past few months, SetSchedule has successfully undertaken digital methods to help agents keep their business afloat.  To achieve this, various modern technological advancements have emerged as crucial solutions. These workflows have thus become a measurement of success. Below we take a look at all the different technologies being used by real estate agents for operating their entire business online:

Virtual Property Tours: Leads for someone’s property gets displayed through in-person showings. Without them, it isn’t possible. Using 3D innovative technologies, real estate organizations have invented a new way to engage with property listings. Various real estate companies have facilitated a new wave of virtual property listing to create and display gorgeous VR-powered tours, observes Roy Dekel SetSchedule CEO. With this method, clients can explore a listing from the comfort of their own living space without the need for an immersive experience in the case of regular showing.

Keeping Yourself Engaged with Video: The real estate industry is a public powered industry, so you must keep in touch and update your contact with prospects regularly. This helps your sales funnel fuel more lead conversion and success. With traditional socializing methods interrupted indefinitely, real estate agents have opted for a virtual approach to keep in touch with their clients. These video-embedded services have helped agents upload videos into their email campaigns, websites, and social media quite easily.

Digital Paperwork: Real estate agents  have to deal with tons  of paperwork. Delays  in signing and submission of necessary documents can result in a stop-and-go deal, resulting in delayed progress towards closing. Therefore, various digital contract signing technologies have opted to introduce a simple paperwork experience.

Opting for Online Disclosures: Seller’s disclosure forms are another essential aspect of a property transaction . If they aren’t submitted correctly, they might result in expensive and stressful legal issues. Sometimes these minute mistakes can have a drastic result on both agents’ and sellers’ overall campaign. Thus opting to take care of these disclosure forms digitally can be the best way to proceed forward.

Video Conference Closing: Traditional real estate transactions used to have closing meetings to help close the deal. without the accessibility of a face-to-face meeting, it is not uncommon  for closings  to drag on. Thus, using video conferencing platforms for real estate meetings have helped both agents and the customers to finalize transactions and stay on schedule.


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