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In the News / Press Releases / August 16, 2023

SetSchedule Secures a Spot on the Inc. 5000 List with its Three-Year Growth of 130%

Author: Stanley Bawalan

SetSchedule is thrilled to announce that it has been named one of America's fastest-growing companies and has secured a spot…

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In the News / Press Releases / March 31, 2022

SetSchedule Brings Major Updates to its ‘Pro in You’ Mobile Application

Author: Media Team
The SaaS technology company that recently introduced the ‘Pro in You’ application, has released an update to the network and collaboration ecosystems. Version 3.1.0 for Android and iOS introduced system improvements to the network and collaboration ecosystems. The company has…
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In the News / January 24, 2022

Hum Helps SetSchedule Secure Funding through Intelligent Capital Funding

Author: Media Team
Two swift-moving and like-minded teams proved to be a perfect partnership. SetSchedule was exploding with innovative technology platforms for a 3.0 application. It was with Hum’s financial installation that made a connection with CapChase. With this funding, SetSchedule was able…
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In the News / Press Releases / January 18, 2022

SetSchedule Challenges How Entrepreneurs Think About Business Development

Author: Media Team
The SaaS company recently launched an exciting new business development platform, challenging how entrepreneurs grow their business connections. Entrepreneurs can concur: communication, collaboration, and productivity on one platform. With SetSchedule users have the ability to: build teams, make connections, ask…
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In the News / Press Releases / December 21, 2021

SetSchedule Announces New Innovative App Tools for Small Businesses

Author: Media Team
The new app update will open the market to solopreneurs and small businesses, expanding on the existing functions for real estate agents. The SetSchedule app update will launch on December 21, 2021. App features will include features such as “Ask…
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In the News / Press Releases / November 18, 2021

SetSchedule Transactions Surpass $3.5 Billion, Projects 120% Growth in 2022

Author: Media Team
The SaaS startup has helped to facilitate $3.5 billion in real estate transactions, with $1.5 billion happening since 2020.  The company increased its revenues by more than 100% since 2020. CEO Roy Dekel projects 120% growth by 2022. Due to…
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In the News / November 16, 2017

Look Out For These Signs of Neglect When Buying or Selling a Home As Is

Author: Udi Dorner
Before you buy a house that is being sold as-is, it is important to do a thorough inspection of the house and property. Together, these can give you valuable information that can be used in determining the market value of…
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