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Advice For Pros / In the News / Press Releases / SetSchedule Academy / Webinar Calendar / What s New / January 25, 2023

SetSchedule Acquires Taskable to Further Enhance UX

Author: Meg Canino

SetSchedule Acquires Taskable to Further Enhance UX and Provide Users a Proprietary Calendar Integration and Time Blocking Technology SetSchedule is…

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In the News / January 16, 2017

SetSchedule Supports Cybersecurity Education with Brunch and Learn

Author: Udi Dorner
               Irvine, CA (Jan. 17, 2017) – SetSchedule is proud to support the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology by hosting and sponsoring a Brunch and Learn event with speaker Boaz Golany, the Technion Vice President…
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In the News / January 04, 2017

SetSchedule CEO, Roy Dekel, Invited to Speak at Conference for Young Entrepreneurs

Author: Udi Dorner
Where will future entrepreneurs spend their networking and educational time in 2017? At the Israeli American Council (IAC) Mishelanu Third Annual National Conference. The annual conference, hosted by the IAC, will features current and future leaders of every field. For…
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Advice For Pros / In the News / March 30, 2016

Economic Volatility: Market Trend Impacts Real Estate Inventory

Author: Udi Dorner
  Real Estate Inventory and Market Trends continues to be highly volatile and is largely regionally based. This volatility can be seen in different areas around the country and is ultimately driven by supply and demand of real estate types…
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