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Advice For Pros · June 16, 2021 · AUTHOR: Shayna Goldburg

Close More Deals in a Hot Market

Are you a real estate agent in an area that is fighting for buyers and sellers? In a world of multiple offers, and bidding wars, it may seem impossible to get your foot in the door let alone close a transaction. So, SetSchedule has asked top real estate agents across the country three questions on how to turn common problems into opportunities.

Challenge #1 

Supplies are limited and while your clients are willing to supply competitive terms, like all-cash offers, removal of contingencies, and additional time to close the property there is still no guarantee that their offer will be accepted. What do you do?

First and foremost you need to be communicative and engage with the seller’s agent. What does that mean, it means loop them into your clients' wants and needs early. Touch base with the Seller’s agent after a showing, and let the agent know if and when they can expect an offer. The more you communicate with them, the more they will likely communicate with you. It is also important to set obtainable expectations with your clients, so they know and understand the current market and process. The more your clients understand when they make the first offer, the better they will be prepared if the offer is rejected. 

Challenge #2  

I have shown around several buyers I have found online, but I have been unable to get any sort of timeline from them, or commitment to use me exclusively. 

Getting a buyer commitment can be a challenge, especially in states where buyer contracts are not commonplace. Our advice is not to take anything personally. Each client will have their nuances and a successful agent will use that information to their advantage, by being a trusted advisor. Listen to their wants, but give them what they need. Stay focused, and positive. Continue to set expectations, including qualifying buyers, and being prepared to act on a client’s behalf. The more you know and coordinate, the better position you will be in to act. 

Challenge #3

My traditional efforts in Marketing have not reaped the same traction. I need clients!

If you are in this boat you are not alone! Agents today can contact friends and family, hold open houses for their teammates, talk to everyone, farm neighborhoods with gifts and flyers, attend events, post on social media, stop in to speak with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or expired listing, and of course, invest in online leads, but all of these activities are just a first step. Without follow-up and follow-through, all these leads will ever be is just a name. SetSchedule agents recommend that you treat each lead as gold! One of the biggest mistakes to make is to wait to contact that lead, or try to reach them only once, or in one way. There are a million reasons why not to contact a lead. You don’t want to bother them, you only have one contact, you just talked to them, but getting in a rhythm to message or speak with leads weekly ensures that you stay in touch and you stay relevant. The time and effort you put in will only show with consistency, and buyers get the message. If you are there when they are not buying and selling, they know that you will be there when they are. 

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