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Advice For Pros · February 19, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How to Maintain Ongoing Relationships with Your Prospects

Valentine’s Day may have been last week, but it’s still important to put in the work to keep your relationship strong - that is, your relationship with a given client or prospect. As discussed in the past, relationships and prospects are the crux of a realtor’s business. Your success and profession is entirely dependent on maintaining a relationship with your clients. Given the competitive nature of the industry, only those who are able to manage their clients and other prospects in an efficient manner survive and grow their business - realtors who can’t end up quitting sooner rather than later. Once you’ve established a prospect, your job is to maintain that relationship and continue to follow up. Here are some ways to keep the connection strong.

Communicate with your clients

Just like in a romantic relationship you have to keep communication lines open to nurture your connection to your prospect. Stay in touch with these people and encourage them to not only utilize your services again but also bring in more customers in the form of their friends and acquaintances. These customers are your real sales personnel and you need to invest your time and effort in keeping them pleased. Make a note of their birthdays, follow up to see how they’re liking their new home - whatever you have to do to show that they matter to you. Use a CRM system to keep your information organized.

Create and maintain a good impression

Perceptions matter more than reality in modern times. If you appear like a true professional and behave in a courteous manner, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients. In your follow-up, be sure you don’t become too familiar - it’s still a business relationship, after all. Stay away from controversial topics and if you make a joke, make sure it’s G-rated. Your clients are interested in your skills and experience, but showing respect and behaving in a decent manner is equally important.

Remember them on a frequent basis

Customers can forget about you, no matter how smoothly you made their real estate transaction (sadly, they’re less likely to remember you if there were no bumps in the road than if there were). It’s up to you to find ways to contact your customers. While a newsletter or something of the sort is helpful, it is not necessary to always talk about real estate. You can send them greetings, or give them valuable information on their neighborhood. The main objective is to remind your customers that you are thinking about them, and that you are always ready to help them when they need your services.

Build your image as an expert

In this age of internet, anyone can get information on any subject under the sun. However, you can become the go-to expert on all things real estate, helping them make sense of some of the topics that they don’t fully understand. Offer commentary on market trends or neighborhood changes. Discuss with your prospects the development projects coming up in the city and how they can benefit by investing in a property. Remind them that you have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Be seen at different events

Yes, you are a realtor and all your clients know this, but becoming involved in some community initiatives can help make new contacts, as well as humanize you to your current clients. Build a reputation for philanthropy, establishing yourself as someone who is looking out for the interests as other. Become involved with a few social causes and take part in fundraising and awareness campaigns to increase your popularity. Prospects will surely be impressed to your humane qualities.

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