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Advice For Pros / / October 26, 2021

6 Marketing Tricks all Realtors Should Know

Author: Yla Minorca

If you’re selling on the market right now, you know that marketing is essential to being a successful realtor. So,…

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Advice For Pros / October 04, 2021

Why Is Innovation Important? | SetSchedule

Author: Nick Marshall
"“If I had asked people what they wanted,” Henry Ford observed, “they would have said ‘faster horses.’” Luckily for generations of motorists (and horses), the founder of the world’s current 4th biggest vehicle manufacturer had the vision and strategic insight to…
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Advice For Pros / September 28, 2021

Growing your digital presence in 2021

Author: SetSchedule Editor
The fastest growing demographic of home shoppers is millennials, with over 37% of those 25-34 years old owning a home. Did you know that over 99% of millennials start their home search online? With a generation that is increasingly tech…
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Advice For Pros / September 27, 2021

Companies That Are Leaders in Business Innovation | SetSchedule

Author: Chris Capelle
To innovate is to grow, and businesses that lead in innovation certainly are among the most prestigious firms in the world today. Knowing how — and why — to innovate in this fast-moving business environment is key to not only…
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Advice For Pros / September 21, 2021

What Home Sellers Are Looking For (in 2021)

Author: SetSchedule Editor
Did you know that 94% of sellers expect to get more than what they paid for their home in 2021? This is due to housing prices rising at double digits for nearly 10 months. While the rapid rate of growth…
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Advice For Pros / September 20, 2021

Why Employing an Innovation Strategy Is Vital for Your Business | SetSchedule

Author: Chris Capelle
Strategy is commonly defined as choosing among any number of options in order to have the best chance of succeeding, and using innovation is one of the ways to achieve your goals. Without strategies and innovation, the chances for long-term…
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Advice For Pros / September 13, 2021

Common Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

Author: SetSchedule Editor
Making your own schedule, helping others find or sell their home, and unlimited earning potential are some of the reasons that people are drawn to the real estate business. On the other hand, there is risk. Real estate transactions do…
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