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Advice For Pros · June 13, 2016 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Pictures to Please the Most Discerning Buyer

how the right photos can help sell your house fast Pictures tell a story. Realtors want to make sure that the best story is communicated in such a way to attract even the most hard-won buyer. Images can also tell the wrong story. Without deliberation, practice, consideration, and the right angle or light; an image that was designed to sell can go horribly wrong. The wrong image can do way more harm than good. This blog provides tips, tricks, photos, and fun to display the best image to tell the right story.  

Capture Wisely!

Are your listing photos making the right first impression? In real estate, all pictures tell a story. If your pictures are not telling the best story, most buyers will not only ignore the photo; they won't buy either! Let's take a look at some listing photos and identify tips so that you can capture the right image to tell the right story to sell...sell...sell!   how messy photos don't help sell your house

Don't Capture Clutter; Clean it Up!

This may seem obvious, but people do tend to leave debris laying around. Sometimes that debris ends up in pictures. Make sure your images capture the clean-up that will get a listed home to sell in no time. "Debris laying around encourages a buyer to buy," said NO Realtor ever!

Clean the Garage, too!

The garage can be the worst. Clean it up; before you capture that image! A messy garage will turn off a home buyer in no time; especially if the buyer is naturally organized and would keep the garage neat and tidy. Some buyers want to work in their garage; not store junk!    

A Car Should Not Photo-Bomb the Picture!

Make sure a car is moved out of the image that you are trying to capture. Unless that car is a Ferrari, and an un-dented Ferrari at that; the seller's car hanging out in the photo will likely quash a sale. Move the car out of the way to showcase the home not the vehicle. Even if you have to call road-side assistance; get the car out of the way!   why potos with pets won't sell a home

Pets May Be People, too; but They Won't Help Sell a Home.

People love their pets. But, pets pictured in listing photos can do more harm than good. Especially for some buyers that might have allergies or be turned off by pet odors; pets in photo-bombing pictures won't sell a home to an "itchy" buyer. When capturing a photo; keep Fido out of it!   "Instagram" it for a Selfie; but not for a Listing! There are amazing options now for photo enhancement. Blurring, lightening, texturizing, fading, shadowing, and adding other exciting elements. However, while enhancements might be great for a selfie; they don't belong in a listing photo. Be as natural as possible. Showcase the listed property in the best light. Keep it authentic!  

Nature's Lighting is your Friend! Capture Wisely!

Don't let winter slow down an anxious buyer; especially if they are looking for a winter retreat. Some people actually like this! Use the light of the season to capture the best image that will put the property's "best foot forward." Yeah, it's snowy. But, the image here translates all of the coziness of the cabin inside!  

Bring a New Light to a Photo at Night!

This house really captures the imagination. It is a wonderful retreat property that would sell much more effectively with the right lighting. And this lighting is at night; well, actually dusk. Still, this photo offers a warm and glowing opportunity for a wonderful retreat. This is a home infused with possibility and warmth.  

Windows are the Eyes to the Soul of the Home!

Windows are eyes that invite buyers to examine the soul of the home. Dark rooms with shadows hide dirt, look old, and hold secrets. Even in an older home; light flooding through windows offers opportunities for new beginnings in a fresh home. Use natural light to your advantage in your listing photos. Beware of long-shadows and glaring lights; buyers want to see a house that looks welcoming; not eerie!

Turn on the Lights Inside, too!

Strategically placed lights can make photos even more magical. Consider using lights to show of the charm of a home, while shadowing imperfections. Natural light is certainly the best light, but some showings are at night. Use light to capture photos that communicate possibility. Remember, photos are always communicating. In this case; let light help you embolden your narrative.  

Clear Angles Bring Clarity to an Image.

When taking a picture of a certain location in the home; make sure it is clear what is being photographed. Here we see a bathroom. In this image, it would be best to show the tub and other areas. This photo hints at what is in the bathroom; but doesn't show it directly. It would be best to: 1) Show a complete scene; 2) Don't leave anything out. 3) Use the natural direct view to show what is in the area.  

Straight Angles Work Better than Artistic Angles.

This image clearly shows what is being photographed. It is a clean image that was taken straight on. A buyer would clearly see what they were buying. This type of photos is the most authentic way to show the detail in this particular area. Practice looking at photos that show front angles and side angles to best evaluate what looks good. Awkward Angles Distract Home-Buyers. This image would leave buyers wondering what is missing in the photo. They would see part of a faucet, a portion of what looks like a door, and a clock. Well, it's 2:45 pm. This photo does not capture the essence of the room or convey what the kitchen actually looks like. The angle here should be corrected to display clean lines and a clear image. Let the image capture the context of the story!   choosing the right angles to help sell your houseClose the Lids on Appliances and the Toilet! You don't want to flush a sale before you start! Close the lids on the toilet and other appliances before photographing the interior of a home that you have recently listed. Cupboards should also be closed - unless something specific is being photographed. No one wants to see an open toilet!  Make sure the toilet is clean, too. Nothing will turn off a buyer faster than stains. Close the lids; capture the photo.    


tips and tricks for good photos for selling your house

Buyers Know a Bad Photo When They See One!

A picture speaks a thousand words! Highlight the positive. Eliminate the negative from photos. Ask yourself before publishing your photograph if the image captures the narrative to effectively sell the home. Listing images should:

  • Provide perspective;
  • Capture context;
  • Communicate clearly;
  • Sell effectively.


Let Your Photos Speak Clearly to Sell Quickly!

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