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Advice For Pros · October 19, 2021 · AUTHOR: Yla Minorca

9 Traits That Make Homebuyers Want to Work with Realtors You Might Not Have Thought Of

You already know that a great realtor needs to have an engaging personality, have great communication skills, and know a little something about the market. But what you don’t know are these top 9 traits that make homebuyers want to work with you.


1. Technological aptitude

In today’s era, everything is online. If you’re not familiar with common software or mobile apps, you’re out of luck. And if that shows, you’re in an even worse position. Make sure your general knowledge of technology is up to date—or else it could cost you.


2. Authentic kindness

Kindness goes further than niceties and a friendly demeanor. Homebuyers want to know that their realtor is kind, genuine, and cares about them as human beings. Letting your behavior go past respect and branch into kindness is a green flag you want to put up.


3. Remembering the details

Attention to detail is great—if you follow through. If you notice something small that could impact your client or remember a tidbit of information, bring it up. The small things really can make all the difference, and these moments can have a lasting impact on your client relationship.


4. Interest in architecture and design

You might have a lot of knowledge in this field, but the important thing here is interest. Let your passion for design show through just as much as your passion for real estate. When people see your excitement about the home’s features, they’re more likely to catch that wave and feel excited themselves.


5. Local connections

Knowing the local area is essential for real estate agents, but people want to see more than just facts and figures. Can you talk about the best coffee shop in town or your positive experiences at nearby entertainment?


6. Great chemistry

Potential home buyers and sellers want to work with someone they enjoy working with. The home buying process is a long and complicated one, and prospects need someone who is both trustworthy and charismatic.


7. Referrals and testimonials

Getting referrals from your past clients is a testimonial in itself. If someone enjoyed working with you enough to recommend you to a friend, it’s a good sign you’re doing something right. So, be sure to give your clients the best experience possible, and kindly encourage them to give your contact information to their friends and family.


8. The best options, the first time

You might be tempted to show your clients properties that are similar to what they’re looking for but not quite the right fit. Be careful doing this. It can look like you’re not prioritizing their needs or not listening. The first time you show them homes, show them the best options right away. Don’t try to tempt them with a nicer home out of their budget on the first go.


9. Genuine honesty

Always be honest about yourself, your practice, and your motivations. Many real estate agents mitigate risk—and you should, too. That means being honest about the data, including investment analysis, neighborhood-specific market performance, and the potential long-term impact of buying or selling.

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