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Advice For Pros · March 21, 2022 · AUTHOR: Delaney Standish

SetSchedule vs. Alignable

In this blog, the business development platforms SetSchedule and Alignable are compared to see which holds the better opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Introduction to Alignable

Alignable is a small business referral network with access to over 25,000 communities. It allows business owners to build relationships with other owners and solopreneurs based on trust for impactful referrals. Users can build business communities and increase their word-of-mouth marketing for their business. Alignable's niche is small businesses. 


Introduction to SetSchedule 

SetSchedule is a platform intended for business development, and networking is just one ecosystem within the software suite. While SetSchedule is currently operating in the real estate space, it expands beyond this industry to include many other small businesses. Currently professionals adjacent to the home space can connect and grow their businesses as a team. SetSchedule provides AI-driven patented technology to bring homeowners, buyers, and investors together with real estate professionals.

Business networking tools give businesses and solopreneurs the ability to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. SetSchedule and Alignable are networking platforms to be leveraged for business development but have very different hows and whys. 


Getting Started 


When setting up Alignable, it is critical to answer questions about your business from the get-go to get the ball rolling - this also allows other businesses to screen you to make it a more efficient process for them and you. Questions might include who you are, what you do, where you come from, the kinds of customers that you're marketing to, and the products and services that the business provides. Answering these questions also increases a business's referrals, business to business. Logos and banners help businesses stand out so that an audience can quickly identify the business and a great headshot of the owner is a great way to put a face to the business.  

Once the profile is set up, it's encouraged to start posting events and promotions that can be shared on the network through the "Word of Mouth" and "My Community" pages. There are close to 30,000 communities and millions of connections that a business has the opportunity to collaborate with. The larger the network and the more interactions through recommendations from customers and clients will build credibility in the ecosystem.


Real estate professionals can sign up and download the SetSchedule app for free. It's available for both iPhone and Android devices. From there, you'll select your profession. The user can only add one profession during set-up, but more titles can be added to the profile after sign-up completion. It will then ask you for a CenterPoint location. Most users will use their office address or a central location in the area where they primarily work. The CenterPoint can be changed at a later date, and serves to identify the correct area for business notifications. 

The SetSchedule platform includes a verification process consisting of:

  • Adding a profile picture
  • Connecting any social media accounts
  • Adding a bio
  • Adding five connections

Once all steps are completed, a user can apply for verification. Verification ensures that the solopreneur has all the appropriate accreditations and are who they say they are. Once verified, the profile will receive a little gray verification check mark. 

Networking platforms like Alignable and SetSchedule can offer more benefits traditional media because a business can get its brand in front of people more quickly and efficiently. The more engagement a user has with the platform, the more significant the impact. 

One catch with Alignable is you have to be invited by another business. SetSchedule is an entirely unbiased platform; anyone can sign up and begin to connect with other professionals. 

Finding a Business 

Aliganable's search feature allows you to search for a specific business within a particular area. For example, if a user were looking for a website developer in the Atlanta metro, the user would search "Web Developer Atlanta" into the search. A list of businesses on the platform would appear with a brief of each business. 

SetSchedule users can also search for professions using the search bar within the Connections tab. SetSchedule members can also post through the Broadcast feature that allows a user to be location and profession-specific in delivering a message. So a user could type a message like "I am looking for a web developer in Atlanta to redo my website" and select "web developer" under profession and "Atlanta'' under location to send a message out to users on the platform and get connected. 

Both Alignable and SetSchedule have features to allow businesses to find precisely the partners they're looking for in specific communities to create synergy with partnerships. The larger and more ingrained a user is in their network, the more effective they can be at leveraging that relationship for the growth of their business. 


Alignable allows businesses to form business communities in their area to collaborate and connect. Under the community section, a user will find a directory of all the local businesses, products & services, and upcoming events. A user can also search with filters like profession, location, and business type to find exactly what partner they are looking for. 

With SetSchedule, users can connect with users in their area, industry, or anywhere else in the country to develop connections and build their business exponentially. An agent in Florida might have a past client moving to Texas. If the Florida agent doesn't have a license, they can't service that client. However, if that Florida agent was able to connect to an agent in Texas through SetSchedule, not only can that Florida agent service and help a previous client, but they can also generate business through a referral fee with the Texas agent. There are benefits to expanding beyond just the community, like collaborating on future projects and opportunities to get more efficient uses.

Connections will be vital measures of impact and success on both Alignable and SetSchedule. With 500+ connections, the user has a greater chance of viewing and clicking on their profiles. More eyes mean greater reach, presence, and influence. 

Leaning on Other Users

Alignable's Advice Forum allows users to seek advice from other businesses or demonstrate their expertise to others. The Advice Forum is organized by common questions and enables users to post their questions or respond to others in a Q&A format. 

SetSchedule allows a user to post questions through the " Ask the Pro '' post, where they can target professionals to get faster and more efficient answers they need. The Ask the Pro feature can be refined by geo-location or profession. This feature allows users to ask SetSchedule questions about the platform to streamline troubleshooting. If a mortgage broker asks questions to agents and an agent sticks out, the mortgage broker can then add the agent to their network to collaborate in the future. 

Engaging with users is just the first step to building connections and getting advice from other users to benefit your own business. Posting questions or even answering questions gives visibility and credibility to other users. It's maximizing the platforms to the most significant capacity. 


Both Alignable and SetSchedule allow users to message other businesses right through the app. Alignable allows users to send direct messages to users in or outside of their network. The message can be one-on-one with another business or start a group chat with up to 20 users at a time. 

SetSchedule also allows for group and direct messages, as well as posting within team oriented pages. 

Users can communicate with their networks or build out specific groups for projects. It's a tool to easily share with other users and connect without ever leaving the ecosystem. 


Alignable is free to use with premium features available. The free account consists of a connection radius of 2 Miles (reaching as many as 500 businesses), ten monthly connections, and an Optimized Profile Page. You get more connections and a more significant reach with the paid versions. Alignable's plans range from $15 to $90 a month.

SetSchedule is almost entirely free. The only ecosystem with a cost associated is the Referral Radar, the lead marketplace that is available to real estate professionals. The Referral Radar offers agents buyer and seller leads from 17 different sources. There are pay per leads options and premium plans that allow agents to take on leads en masse. 

Both Alignable and SetSchedule operate with a freemium model. Alignable limits the usage of the platform until upgrading, and SetShedule has a lead generation section which offers a premium license system. 


Ideal Usage

Alignable is a powerful network for small and micro-businesses, but Alignabale is a networking platform specifically for small businesses, and it's heavily focused on geographic areas. 

SetSchedule is currently heavily based in the real estate space. The most significant difference between Alignable and SetSchedule is that SetSchedule's Networking features are a part of just one ecosystem that SetSchedule offers to users. 

SetSchedule also provides real estate agent tools to help agents build connections and solve other problems they might face. SetSchedule real estate tools include: 

  • Open House Feature: To streamline open house check-ins and send out virtual flyers
  • Research Center: Tor search any person or property and pull public records through
  • Data Center: Compiles public records to flag addresses where there is a high chance of movement to increase the return on investment of direct marketing
  • Referral Radar: Allows an agent to choose Leads that match their needs and wants from the Biggest Sources

Each platform offers a different advantage for businesses and solopreneurs to connect with other professionals and grow their network and, ultimately, their business. If a business falls both within the small business and real estate space, it would be beneficial to interact on both platforms. One of the main benefits of networking sites is getting in front of as many people as possible efficiently and effectively. Both platforms offer businesses that the more people a business is interacting with, the greater the net for a pipeline. 

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