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Advice For Pros · May 28, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Advice for the Introvert Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one field where being sociable and having good communication skills are essential. You need to come across well to create a good impression on everyone you meet, from your clients and leads to the contractors, brokers, lenders, and the builders. After all, your success depends upon the relationships you nurture and the connections you make in this industry. It becomes a little difficult if you happen to be an introvert. However, it is possible to scale heights of success as a realtor even if you are a shy person. Here is some advice for you to follow and keep in mind all the time. Avoid networking events, focus on one on one meetings Your work as a realtor involves meeting so many people and attending so many functions, events, and conferences that it may seem that you are not cut out for this profession as an introvert. If you are not talkative and outgoing, or if you feel uncomfortable in the company of lots of people, there’s no need to torture yourself! Success in this industry depends upon your ability to build one-on-one relationships. Feel free to skip the networking events if you can’t stand them - you can still develop strong relationships by meeting one individual at a time. Wear clothes that enhance your personality Pay attention to your wardrobe and add clothes that look good on you. If there are accessories that get you compliments from others, make it a point to wear them. This will boost your confidence and others will initiate a conversation on their own, giving you an easy opening for a conversation or to make a connection. Give others a chance to talk about themselves If you are shy and find it difficult to open with strangers, it is a good idea to make others feel comfortable in your presence. They will open and share information with you that is important for you. The more others talk about themselves, the more you get to know about their future moves as to whether they are likely buyers or sellers. Do not ask open-ended questions, but questions that have definite answers to know more about the intentions about moving, buying, or selling. Develop a strong presence on social media Social media has come as a boon for introverts. You do not face anyone, yet you can say a lot about yourself on social media. It also gives you a chance to like, comment, and trigger responses from others. You can easily have a likable personality with social media help without being with other people.

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