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SetSchedule Academy / What s New · October 03, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

All New SetSchedule App Version 2.4.2, Product Review

SetSchedule’s newest release introduces exciting new features!

  • Referral Radar: Added "Search this Area" to help navigate the Referral Radar easier by loading leads in specific areas. Simply move your map to the desired territory and click "Search this Area" a new list of leads will populate.
  • Refer a Colleague: Know a colleague that will benefit from using the SetSchedule ecosystem? Add their name, number, and email address and they'll receive an invite to join the platform.
  • Opportunity Details Screen: We have replaced the street view on the opportunity detail screen, with a map view of the opportunity instead. You can still view the opportunity's street view by clicking the button on the bottom right of the view.
  • Promotional Code Message: You will now see a message when a promotional code is used on the platform.
  • No Internet Connection Screen (iOS Only): A new screen will appear when you attempt to access the mobile application without having internet access. A function to attempt to retry to log in is included on the screen.,

Feel free to update and review the product.

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  • Brenson Miler says:
    The promotional message option is actually a lot of work. Street view is very nice as well. At present, the apt is able to use easily without any hassle.
  • vareh Isla says:
    The new version is very optimized. Easily reloads the previous comparison. Also its reference options are excellent. At present, I have benefited greatly from the service you provide. go ahead
  • Jhon Craig says:
    The current new version is much better than the previous one. Particularly its features are more beautiful and simple than ever. Currently I am able to use a lot easier.

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