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Advice For Pros · August 30, 2021 · AUTHOR: Cassandra Spencer

Back to School Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Class is in session

With so many people looking to move and potentially enter the real estate market for the first time, holding a virtual class via Zoom or even Facebook live is a great way to educate potential clients and to build your contact list. Some class examples:

Tips for home buyers

Tips for home sellers

How to stage your home

What remodels are worth the money… and which to avoid.

Different types of home financing

As an added bonus, you can upload these classes to YouTube to use as a continuous marketing and education asset.

Make a supply list

Create checklists of must have items and tasks for both home buyers and sellers, similar to a back-to-school shopping list.

Of course, don’t forget to add retaining an expert real estate agent… you!

Items for home sellers may include:

financing for home improvement loans

professional home stagers or housecleaners

local remodelers or handyman services

real estate photographers 

services for real estate videos and virtual tours

Home buyers lists may include:

Links to preferred lenders, if you have any

Title agents, escrow services, etc.

What to look for when picking a home

Information on what the market is like in the area they are buying.

Creating these lists not only helps your clients, but once again, it serves as a valuable resource that can be turned into a digital marketing tool if you list it on your website, blog, and social media.

Be a teacher’s (or client’s) pet

Never underestimate the power of small gifts. Sending thoughtful and creative gifts to your clients can leave a lasting impression that can increase your word of mouth referrals.

Bringing sweet treats to your favorite home loan mortgage agents, members of your Chamber of Commerce or local business networking group, and other people who have contact with prospective buyers and sellers can help to build relationships within your network.

Message has been sent!