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Advice For Pros · June 27, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Building Your Brand as a Real Estate Agent ( Start with reviews )

There are thousands of real estate agents working in every city and town of the country. All these realtors face stiff competition from each other, and they vie with each other to catch the attention of the buyers and sellers in their area. To stand out, it becomes very important for a realtor to create a unique identity and brand. Here are some tips to build your brand as a real estate agent in your housing market.

Develop your niche

You need to specialize in a particular field of real estate to gain popularity in your housing market. If you are an expert in selling luxury homes, make it known to all your prospects. Word gets around quickly, and you will find that you are able to attract large number of clients who need to sell their luxury properties.

Inform what makes your service better from your competitors

Don’t let internet reviews control the narrative - be sure to tell your prospects directly what they can expect from you when they hire you as their realtor. Highlight your strengths, whether you are a mortgage specialist or possess great negotiation skills. It makes a difference when customers know what they can expect by working with you, rather than another realtor. If you are good at marketing, you can create a brand around your agency by letting your prospects know about this skill.

Choose a distinct logo and tagline

Do not underestimate the power of a beautiful and meaningful logo. If you use this logo consistently on your business card, pamphlets, flyers, and emails, you can easily create a brand for your service among your customers. The same is the case with tagline. Choose a tagline that sums up your personality and service that you render to your customers. Include adjectives like honest, passionate, and transparent to catch the attention of your customers. Your logo and tagline should become a visual representation of the values your brand stands for.

Advertise and be seen ( and ask for reviews )

Nothing succeeds like success, and high visibility is the main reason why some real estate agents become so popular in a housing market. You need to register your presence in prominent conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc., and support important social causes to show your human nature to your target group of customers.  

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  • Jhon Greek says:
    Great Article. It's really amazing that how can i make my business as brand. I will follow those step like niche, competitors , logos and advertise. Thank you so much
  • Graham Jew says:
    My opinion that personal real estate brand is a reflection of your unique qualities and your values. But It’s not just a matter of coming up with a color scheme or logo; it gives you an opportunity to convey a sense of who you are to your clients. It is uniquely you.
  • Jhon Skim says:
    Yeah right the point of "Choose a distinct logo and tagline" . But i think also One of the most difficult challenges in branding is coming up with a logo and slogan that worm so well together that one immediately conjures up the other.

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