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Advice For Pros / / August 08, 2022

Introduction To Project Management

Author: Darwin Pelea

How do you approach your work? Do you have a set of predefined steps to follow to complete your work,…

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Advice For Pros / February 28, 2022

What Does Team Management Look Like in 2022?

Author: Alan Perez
Remote Team Management is a group management approach by which a team or group of people are employed predominantly at a distance from each other. When the team members are working based on their schedules and locations, it plays a…
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Advice For Pros / February 21, 2022

Top Social Media Networking Sites for Business Use

Author: Richard Tate
The spread of internet use has been a boon to all forms of business networking - it's no longer the case that you have to wait to make business contacts at events and conferences, you now have the ability to…
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Advice For Pros / February 15, 2022

How has Business Networking Changed in 2022?

Author: Alan Perez
Market shifts, supply shortages, enhanced restrictions, and the technological advancements that have accompanied them have made the last two years unlike anything else that has been encountered from a global business perspective.  With all the changes that have taken place,…
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Advice For Pros / January 31, 2022

Steps to Take when Starting as an Agent in 2022

Author: Richard Tate
Real estate agents are expected to know all the answers, but starting out, you may not have them. Your first source of help will be the brokerage you join. Look for one that offers ongoing training, a good support system,…
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Advice For Pros / January 25, 2022

How to Get the Most of the SetSchedule 3.0 Update

Author: Richard Tate
In December of 2021, SetSchedule launched a new update, SetSchedule 3.0. A community side, allowing real estate agents to connect with other professionals in the area, in the same industry, or anywhere else in the country. It allows you to expand…
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Advice For Pros / January 24, 2022

Defining Company Success | SetSchedule

Author: Dan Ketchum
Self-awareness is a goal, but it only comes from a whole lot of practice — that’s why you’ll probably be asking someone else, “How do I look in this shirt?” for the rest of your life.  And that’s totally OK;…
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