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Advice For Pros · January 19, 2021 · AUTHOR: Yvonne Nguyen

Consistent Communication to Enrich Leads

Picture this: a buyer goes online to search for real estate agents in their area. They're bound to get hundreds, if not thousands, of results. Buyers can connect with local agents and brokerages with a simple search. So, what can real estate agents do to stand out amongst the competition? How do you distinguish yourself from the rest? 

Consistent communication is key! It would be in your best interest to take the time to build relationships with your leads to establish a sense of trust. A house is a significant investment for most buyers; they'll want to make sure that they choose the agent they're most comfortable with and whom they believe will prioritize their needs. 

The Use of Technology in Maintaining Client Relationships

The adoption of technology in the real estate industry makes it easier for agents to track and manage relationships with potential buyers. Competent CRM strategies can enrich leads and help agents close transactions. 

It is recommended that agents use customer relationship management software to optimize and monitor their activity with their leads. The automated systems allow for more productivity as it takes over the tedious task of managing clients and data.

A CRM tool will help organize data and ensure that agents keep track of their progress with every client. Agents will be able to allot more time toward customizing marketing campaigns to maintain their clients. They'll be able to identify cold leads that need to be sent mailers or targeted with a more aggressive approach. 

CRM tools are also great for retrieving public information about clients to allow agents to know their clients better and make more informed decisions when creating specialized marketing strategies. It'll be easier to identify leads who are actively searching for a house and need an agent. 

For our SetSchedule Pros, we built a CRM tool into the platform to help you streamline your business. Your portfolio summarizes your clients, their progress toward purchasing a house, and allows you to easily set up calls or meetings with clients clearly and concisely. 

How Can Consistent Communication Lead to More Transactions?

Real estate agents are busy; the last thing they want to do when they get home from work is to reach prospective buyers, especially those who aren't in the market to purchase within the next year.

Buying a house is a lengthy process. Even if a lead isn't ready to buy a house immediately, it's still worth it to invest your time building a relationship with them; that will bode well for future business. By establishing a working relationship with these prospective buyers, agents present themselves as the most viable and informed option when clients are ready to buy. You'll be a trusted contact for them.

By refining your clientele, you're able to focus on prospective buyers and identify which clients you'll need to communicate with more effectively. You'll have more time to identify cold leads and develop strategies that will push them to make a purchase. 

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