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Advice For Pros · July 10, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Essential marketing tips for modern real estate agents

It’s a digital world and real estate agents have to embrace the digital tools available to market their practice. Agents without an online presence, or who don’t understand how potential clients shop for real estate in the modern era, will struggle to find new prospects and to get their properties seen. Here are some essentials for real estate marketing in the modern world: Hire a professional real estate photographer With most home shoppers taking to online real estate marketplaces to find their next dream home, high-quality photos are a must. Grainy or poorly-lit photos can cause a home shopper to disregard your listing, whereas the right photographer can make any property seem like a luxury retreat. The right photos will make a home feel roomy, clean, and bright. A quality camera and photo editing acumen can go a long way towards capturing the best features of a listing. Create a professional website A website is a requirement for anyone doing business in the internet age. Without a website, home shoppers will have a difficult time finding you and evaluating your experience. When building a website, focus on content and design. You want a page that is easy to navigate, not too cluttered, and informative. Include a bio that summarizes your real estate experience and specializations, and be sure you are clear on the areas that you serve. There are several website builder tools available online that can give you a starting point. Create and maintain a real estate blog Blogs offer a chance for a real estate agent to showcase their expertise in their markets, as well as give their website an SEO boost by providing fresh content. It’s inexpensive and effective, and provides value to both the home shopper and the real estate agent. With blogging and other online content marketing tools, you are bringing the leads to you rather than having to go out and cold-call. As a bonus, you are capturing a younger generation of home shoppers by appealing to the more tech-savvy demographics. Marketing is an imperfect science, but without these vital tools to present yourself and your listings in the best light, you will be at a disadvantage in the competitive world of real estate.

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  • Steph Sadatmand says:
    Since I’m trying to sell my house for so long, I’m looking into hiring a real estate agent this time to give me expert advice. I like how you mentioned looking at their current listings to determine if their listings are similar to my property and if they have the same price range. I’ll be sure to consider your tips in order to choose a great real estate agent. Thanks!
  • Coleen Rodriguez says:
    Great post. Your tips are absolutely accurate. You definitely need to hire a good photographer for your properties. First impressions are important after all and you want to give presentable images to your prospective client.

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