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Advice For Pros · February 13, 2020 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Five Reasons to Have Employee Referral Radars

Hire, Hiring, Recruitment, Recruiting, Advertisement The advantages of having a referral program are well known because they are one of the best ways for searching high-quality candidates at low-cost especially for startups, for which they work as building blocks. But, ironically, with the growth of a company, the recruitment of employees also grows while the referrals drop off, which is why asking for recommendations is not as simple as sharing an update in the office. All of a sudden, now it requires a process and facing a ride in admin association, scaling businesses often look for external recruiters instead at a certain cost. This the reason for which we developed the SetSchedule Referral Radar. SetSchedule Referrals is an advanced referral that gives the benefit of employee referral programs back into the radar thus turning your entire workforce into a recruiting machine to take care of all the admin. There are 5 basic reasons which make our referral so compelling.

  • Easier to make referrals by scanning your territory :

    • SetSchedule Referrals, all one needs is to share a link to the platform. No ATS access is required ( the portal syncs up with the company’s SetSchedule recruiting software, but isn't accessed through it.) No additional logins are required. And there's no need for a separate admin to supply because everything gets tracked and recorded through the portal. track of the new jobs is also straightforward as well as customizable wherein employees can get updates via email, choosing between a weekly or daily digestor immediate notification. This can also opt-out of emails, rather bookmark link and check-in whenever’s convenient.

  • We demonstrate commitment towards targeted marketing records:

    • Referrals, trust plays a vital role which is why an ad-hoc approach doesn’t work on a large scale. SetSchedule Referrals defines the process by showing commitment, removing uncertainty and demotivating blind spots. this is done by 

      • Standard questions help in ensuring context, streamline process and legitimacy.
      • Automatically assign future steps and track them.
      • Updates keep employees up-to-speed with their progress
      • Rewards are formalized and visible

  • Rewards for the employees on getting smart match leads :

    • SetScheddule Referrals, it becomes easy to share job ads on social media as well as boost the brand. This helps in adding a gentle touch of gamification for most of whom its hard to resist. Employees get to track activity across their network and can check how many views their links had, control and comment on the ones whom they wanna move forward with as well as track progress.

  • Low investment is required :

    • Referrals are paid for, add on feature which is an extra because nit all customers need it. There's a full and free toolkit available as part of the everyday SetSchedule plan.

  • Having an internal job portal :

    • Hiring externally is more expensive than when done internally. Therefore, SetSchedule Referrals came up with the development of an internal job portal which not only fits but also adds an incentive for daily logging. Both are meant for publicizing opportunities which have become more resource-intensive as businesses expand. With SetSchedule Referrals, your employees have the access to view all open roles, make a referral or bag an opportunity for themselves.

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