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Advice For Pros · September 27, 2020 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

Get The Most out of the SetConnect System

Striving to offer the best real estate experience possible means SetSchedule reviews the question “how can the best connection between the consumer and an expert agent be established?” continuously. SetSchedule reviews from home-shoppers are the motivator which have inspired the innovative SetConnect offerings: the concierge team and SetHello services can get you into direct voice and video contact with an engaged consumer in real time. This helps establish a relationship sooner. At the same time, if you are unprepared or unavailable, the client will be left waiting and may decide to find an agent elsewhere. To avoid any such missteps, SetSchedule reviews the SetConnect process critically. This includes measuring the success of the agents who accept these enriched opportunities.

How Do You Measure Up?

So, you may be asking “SetSchedule reviews me?” In order to ensure the satisfaction of the consumers, SetSchedule reviews your performance with you during online meetings and training calls. This way you can brainstorm better strategies to tap into the market. Then, SetSchedule reviews your system engagement to push real time consumers to the best engaged agents in the ecosystem. To make a long story short: focus on following up with your prospects and accept leads regularly to get the most out of the SetConnect system. A partnership can only be as good as the communication between partners. You should set aside reserved meeting times with your Success Consultant and register for the continued education webinars hosted twice a week. The advice blogs and agent strategies available in the Meet the Agent and Mindset podcast series offer additional ideas for success. Additionally, SetSchedule reviews current tech and real estate trends to stay ahead of the curve. This way SetSchedule and your business both grow to service your market effectively!

How does the Home Shopper Feel?

Getting your strategies into place and making contact is only the first step in your client’s experience. Since real estate is your industry, you are comfortable with the different terms and the transaction process. Your client will be nowhere near as familiar as you. Keep that in mind: your client will most likely look to you for mentorship. Their experience working with you now will affect their decision to work with you in the future. Providing exemplary service and tailoring the experience to the client specifically is the most successful method to win clients for life. Across the board, clients want to work with an agent who is responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive. To achieve this, the SetSchedule concierge team checks in with the clients regularly to offer any additional assistance they may need. Positive home shopper feedback means you’ll be the go to agent SetSchedule contacts when highly engaged consumers make inquiries. This is how the SetSchedule partnership will allow you to form the best connections with new clients in your market! Think of it this way: SetSchedule reviews the process holistically to maintain a standard of professionalism and courtesy for our home shoppers.

The SetSchedule commitment to establish the best connections between interested shoppers and the best fit agent means a true focus on collaboration with partner agents. The best way to get the most out of SetSchedule and the SetConnect system is to give your all with the prospects and keep in communication with the Success Consultant team, and your prospects!

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