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Advice For Pros · September 28, 2021 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

Growing your digital presence in 2021

The fastest growing demographic of home shoppers is millennials, with over 37% of those 25-34 years old owning a home. Did you know that over 99% of millennials start their home search online? With a generation that is increasingly tech savvy and reliant on technology making up more of the market, you’re missing out if you do not have a strong presence online.

Just being online isn’t enough though. Most millennials actually begin their home shopping on a mobile device so being sure that your site, listings, and social media are all equipped to reach this growing demographic of home shoppers.

Social media

Do you have an Instagram account? More importantly, do you have a professional Instagram account? By having a business Instagram account, a business page on Facebook, and even establishing a Nextdoor business page, you are increasing the odds that you are seen as the real estate expert in your area. Being active and responsive on these channels shows home shoppers you are committed and available to meet their needs.

Establish a content strategy

Are you creating the right type of content for the right platform? Be sure to use Instagram to create a visual story of the kind of lifestyle you are helping the home shopper to achieve, as well as be active on the Stories feature using polls and other interactive prompts to increase engagement.

While social media gives you the opportunity to be authentically you, remember, you are using this professionally so use it to showcase your professional accomplishments and showing your competency will help to build trust with home shoppers. Additionally, small gestures like remembering a one year anniversary of helping a young family getting into their first home, will show that you care about them as holistic people as well and will encourage them to be longterm clients as well as increase word of mouth referrals.

Use professional photos (or take up photography yourself!)

Investing in a professional photographer, or even learning the art of real estate photography yourself, can increase the value of a property by $3,000 to $11,000!

If you have an interest in photography, there are many free or low cost courses available to you through websites such as Skillshare. Otherwise, reaching out to local photographers in the area is a great way to network with other professionals.

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