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Advice For Pros · February 13, 2020 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Guide To Employee Referral

Hiring, Recruitment, Job, Hire, Employer, Recruit Posting a job ad requires spending money to advertise for people you already know or you will through your employee or colleague’s network. Here is a summary of how you can leverage employee referrals and boost hiring efforts with the help of coworkers. Employee Referral – What it means? When an existing employee or a partner recommends a candidate, then this process is known as an employee referral. Generally, preferred candidates don’t require the traditional application process; rather of replying to an interesting job offer ad, the candidate’s resume will be submitted on their behalf by someone who is connected or part of the company. After this, the hiring team determines whether they are good to fit the company and follow the same practices as with the rest of the candidates: which is done by reviewing their resume and professional background., evaluating their performance on role-specific assessments and by conducting interviews with them. What is the meaning of the employee referral program? It is a more organized and structured way to work out on how the company requests and receives employee referrals will be handed. Even if there is no employee referral program in place, the coworkers of the company can still recommend potential candidates but this happens basically on an ad hoc basis and one can't rely on referrals for the hiring effort being made. On the other hand, when an employee referral campaign is run, an additional tool is added to the recruiting strategy, which in other words means, the person is one step closer to finding the perfect hire. How to use employee referrals with SetSchedule? Whether one decides to test the effectiveness of referrals on an investment in a robust employee referral system, they can find the solution that best suits inside SetSchedule. If looking for referrals occasionally, one can go for an editable email template to inform the employee about their open role and requirements. This email which can be sent to employees will guide them to the page where they can quickly and efficiently add the details of the person they want to refer to. If one relies regularly on these quality referrals for their coworkers, they might find a more useful system to dedicate to the organization of their referral process. This is the reason why the SetSchedule referrals were built which works as an advanced referral and internal job portal, setting up reward and track referrals, while employees can see the progress of the activities referred, track their rewards and even apply for an internal job.

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