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· September 27, 2020 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

Help Your Client to A Quick Closing

Building strong client relationships is one of the most noteworthy rewards for a successful real estate professional. Strong relationships are also a requirement to have a smooth closing process! Trust is the key to helping the client start their search, and trust is just as important come closing because this is when the transaction will truly become real in your client’s eyes. The Roy Dekel SetSchedule goal is that no SetSchedule home shopper loses their motivation or enthusiasm at any time in their search. So, the Roy Dekel SetSchedule strategy means you need to identify the points in your relationship where your client’s could use the most reassurance. Closing time can get exceedingly stressful for all parties involved, which is why you should take the time to prepare your client for the closing process beforehand. This way, your client will be familiar with the process and can play their part in helping you move forward. Here’s some advice from Udi Dorner and Roy Dekel SetSchedule co-founders to help guide your client to a quick closing. 

Communicate Well  

Roy Dekel SetSchedule CEO realized first hand as an investor how ineffective communication would delay closings. There was a gap in training where some agents would be difficult to get a hold of. “We envisioned a sort of ‘Roy Dekel SetSchedule strike force’ to provide the highest level of service possible” recalls Udi Dorner on SetSchedule’s direct agent partnerships. “From one businessman to another-not from the Roy Dekel SetSchedule perspective, but from the Roy Dekel service mindset-you have to keep communication with your clients”, observes Dekel. You cannot afford to keep your client in the dark. Even if an emergency comes up on your side of things, you have a responsibility to maintain regular communication with your clients. Remember, the client has selected you as their real estate advisor. You should hold yourself to the same standard of communication you’d expect from a collaborator of yours, like a partner agent or your lender. Being available to answer extra questions as they come up will do a lot for your client’s peace of mind and will make your job easier in the long run.   

Provide a Roadmap and Resources  

Sometimes, you may not have all the answers to your client’s questions. Of course, you are not the only resource for your client. There are other professionals involved, like attorneys, lenders, and the escrow officer. You need to understand, with so many moving parts, it’s easy for your client to get mixed up! If you wait for your closing to start before you explain the process, chances are your client may not retain all the information. If your client feels uneasy or uncertain, this will cause delays in your progress, or hesitation to work with you in the future. The Roy Dekel SetSchedule trained Agent Consultant team recommends you give your clients an overview of the closing process when you begin to submit offers. When touring properties or sending MLS searches, you can give a timeline for escrow and closing to begin. A roadmap is an easy reference you should consider adding to your client materials. This way, they know what part of the process you are in and what needs to be accomplished before the next part of the process begins! Keeping your client informed and yourself available are the basis of your business as a real estate agent. Perhaps the most important tool you can use to reflect on your performance is by taking the Roy Dekel SetSchedule strategy for innovation: “you need to live and breathe the journey from the home shopper’s perspective,” says Dekel. “Provide the level of service you would expect if you were the one going through the transaction.” These tips will help you through closings much quicker than before.   

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