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Advice For Pros · March 27, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How SetSchedule Made Roy Dekel a Better Entrepreneur

Roy Dekel is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and real estate guru with more than ten years experience in industries like finance, entertainment, merchant services and more. But his real estate venture, SetSchedule, has taught him new lessons about business that have made him a better entrepreneur. Serving as CEO of SetSchedule, an AI-based lead generation tool for real estate agents, has helped Dekel learn how to adapt and be dynamic in a demanding and competitive industry. Because there are so many real estate agents competing for business, and so many marketing outlets and agencies vowing to help them gain an edge, Dekel said it required him to be more in tune with what modern realtors need to succeed.  “There are many service providers in the technological space, and as such create a lot of confusion around what should be a priority for the typical agent, broker or franchise,” Dekel said. “SetSchedule is truly the correct formula, utilizing many marketing strategies as well as a very consumer-friendly software interface.” Developing that formula required brainstorming and input from professionals and experts in all different facets of real estate, artificial intelligence, and technology, as well as business acumen to determine the best starting point. Dekel, with more than a decade’s worth of real estate experience, recognized immediately that the biggest challenge for real estate agents was lead generation. Having that background gave Dekel a laser-focus on his goals for developing a platform that would help real estate professionals succeed in their business. “The platform and the marketplace require the company to come up with strategic solutions to find the right data and partners, all of which allowed me to develop this sixth sense that enables me to know and to predict what’s important to our partners,” he said. “In short, I took what I knew from the real estate investment world, and I married it with a very scalable, big technology company that started in real estate space.” The other part of SetSchedule’s success is recognizing the need for top talent to keep the momentum strong. Without a workplace environment that would retain talented employees and attract the top minds in the fields of real estate and data, SetSchedule would not be able to evolve and grow the way it has. To that end, Dekel has embraced a “work hard, play hard” workplace culture that has paid off with numerous recognitions as a top workplace in the Irvine, California area. He’s also focused more on recruiting the most driven candidates, rather than employees with the most impressive resumes. “People are the most important component, and as the development of technology progresses, you become more reliant on talent,” Dekel said. “One of the things that I’ve learned is that experience comes second to talent and drive. Looking ahead, Dekel said that he sees his business model as being scalable to other related industries, including mortgage, insurance, and others. By building on his solid foundation of business, real estate, and an ambition to grow, Dekel is poised to revolutionize the real estate space.

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