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Advice For Pros · July 19, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How to Build Your Referral Network as a Realtor

The profession of a real estate agent depends a lot upon the referral network that each realtor builds and nurtures around himself or herself. In fact, this referral network is the lifeblood of this profession, as it can provide a steady stream of leads to ensure that realtors continue growing their business. The most successful and popular realtors are the ones who put in the hard work to build their referral network. Here are some simple and easy ways to build your referral network as a realtor.

Start with your family and friends

There are always some family members and friends who have lots of contacts. A large social network of such acquaintances can become a great source of leads and therefore business for you. Be gentle, not pushy - you want these people to find referrals for you. Just let these people know you can help them with any of their real estate needs.

Maintain relationships with your clients

Many realtors fail to stay in touch with their clients once their deal is final and done with. Maintain contact (a CRM system, or other tech tools, can be invaluable for this) and help your clients in any way possible, whether offering advice for them as they adjust to their new environment, or by offering tips about home maintenance. They will appreciate your helpful nature and refer you to their friends who need a realtor.

Develop and maintain relationships with those who matter in the industry

The real estate industry works like a well-oiled machine with many important parts. From lenders to mortgage brokers and from insurance agents to home inspectors, you need to develop a strong network as you will need these professionals frequently. On their part, they will remember you for their clients or acquaintances and will refer their contacts to you.

Request testimonials from happy clients

As a realtor, your website works as your mouthpiece when your potential customers are searching for an agent in their area. Do not forget to ask for testimonials, including video testimonials when possible, to let visitors know about the quality of your work. Stories and experiences of these happy clients have the capability to influence the minds of many more individuals.

Attend real estate auctions

These are events where you will meet many other realtors and investors. Distribute your business card generously and let people know you can help them in their endeavor. This way you will make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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