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Advice For Pros · December 17, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How to Hone Your Sales Skills as a Realtor

Being a realtor can be a very satisfying and rewarding profession. You get to help others in their endeavours, like buying a dream home or selling a property at the right price. But the rewards in this profession are often dependent on your skill as a salesman. Here are some tops to hone your sales abilities and grow your career as a realtor.

Be honest to your client

This is the single most important advice you will ever get form experts when working as a realtor. Clients are happy when they can trust their agent. They don’t mind paying commission to you, so long as they have peace of mind that you have their best interests at heart. In fact, honesty is one virtue that is regarded more highly than your technical knowledge and knowledge about the market.

Learn how to overcome objections

The main reason why most newbie realtors fail is because they don’t know how to overcome objections raised by leads and clients. Objections are really excuses by customers not to buy. As a real estate agent, it is your job to overcome these objections and help your clients feel comfortable making a decision. You should take an objection as an opportunity to strike a conversation and use your communication skills to show how you can create value for your customer. Hear them out and show how you have helped others. Acknowledge your client’s feelings, and offer a solution.

Give several options to your clients

Rather than pushing your client in a direction, you should present several options to him. It keeps a client from feeling boxed into any one particular decision and gives them a broader sense of what is available. Most clients prefer being shown several options, and then guided by their agents to the best one for their needs. The feel as though they have made a more well-informed decision.

Put the needs of the client first

It is true that people like to work with realtors who are successful and highly experienced. But if you can prove that you care for the needs of the client, you are likely to be very successful in this profession. If you can inspire trust and confidence in your clients that you have their best financial interests at heart, you have won the battle. Don’t tell a client straightway that he cannot get or expect the kind of features he wants in the budget he has in mind. Make him understand what he can expect and try to find solutions meeting his needs.

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